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Swiss Networking Day 2013 in Luzern



On the 22nd of May the Swiss Networking Day 2013 was organized and held by our Networking Academy Support Center HSLU, represented by Dr. Bernhard Haemmerli (third photo from right) who we would like to thank for his efforts.

Jutta Jerlich , Cisco Networking Academy Manager Switzerland and Marc Khayat from the Team led the morning discussions about the strategic direction the Cisco Networking Academy Program is turning to and the technical and administrative challenges instructors and Networking Academies worldwide are going through at this time. It was very interesting to meet the Swiss Networking Academy instructors in person.

Chris Martin´s outlook, General Manager Cisco Systems (Switzerland) GmbH,  into Cisco’s Vision and Strategy in the afternoon was complemented by several presentations from industry leaders about big data and cloud applications and their technical challenges and solutions. There was a vivid discussion going on in the breaks. It was an all-in-all very successful day.

Program Morning  & Afternoon


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