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Reporting from Wings for Life World Run


@CiscoNetAcad at Wingsforlifeworldrun #worldrun

Netacad Team_kl

Please follow our technical briefings and insights on networkingakademien.wordpress.com

Initiator and Lead
Jutta Jerlich

NetAcad Team OnSite @ WorldRun
Maximilian Lehrbaum
Felix Hartung
Ivica Vugrinec
Nathan Arthur Boone
Kevin Anthony Van Ryckegem

Running Reporter
Christoph Malin, Austria

Global Reporters
Laura Stoica, Romania
Borja Pineiro, Spain
Edgar Rupare, United Kingdom
Rahul Goyal, India
Raghava Krishna Teja Chintalapati, India
Arun Ganesh, India

Juan Carlos Soto Sosa – he is an instructor from Chile and WorldSkills expert who involved his entire class:

Ernesto Lantigua De La Cruz
Mariela Bussi Pimentel
Félix José Méndez Alvarez
jordanny rosario santana
Carlos Juan Shephard Guerrero
Bian Polanco
Ariel Feliz
Yanira Mendez
Nilson Misiel Perez Rosa
Noemi Guzman Garcia
Felix Joel Ubiera Ruiz
Daris Jose De Jesus
Nathan Raul Almonte Romero
Julio Anderson Coplin Nunez
Ricardo Alexander de la Rosa
Frank de Jesus Portorreal
Jose David Guzman Catala
Joel Ruiz
Jesus Manuel Betances Espinal
Marcos Valenzuela

Thanks for all of your effort, teaming up with us, making the technical challenges of Wings for Life World Run a topic to think about.

Just IMAGINE what else we can do together on Wings for Life World Run on May 3rd 2015 !


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