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Networking Academy Program at Technical University of Kosice


Networking Academy Curricula Integration at Technical University of Kosice

University students interested in IT have a unique opportunity to put their time and power into a great blended learning networking academy program, powered by world’s technology leader in the field of computer networks. Department of the Computers and Informatics is proud to be part of this program. The Networking Academy curriculum offers a huge source of media rich information and through hands-on lab activities creates scenarios to learn everything you need to know to succeed as a networking professional.

TU Kosice 2About Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

The FEEI has been one of the leaders in Slovak technical higher education consists of 9 departments, one specialized laboratory, a computing centre and Centre for Information Technologies. The Faculty is committed to provide its students with the best possible experience of education for their future career and leadership in their profession, for admission to advanced degree programs, and for lifelong learning. The faculty offers a wide variety of full-time and part-time courses, which are relevant to industry’s needs. Graduates leave our departments well equipped to meet the needs of industry and development/research institutions and get their jobs with ease. Present number of faculty staff members (2010) is 240 employees, among them: 21 professors, 47 associate professors, 95 assistant professors and 21 researches. The number of MSc. students is approximately 1500 and number of BSc. students is approximately 1000 every year.

Procedure of implementing Networking Academy at FEEI

In August 1999, FEEI signed the agreement with Cisco Systems and our academy has become first Regional Academy in Slovak and Czech Republic. First years of program demonstrated this program as very effective and perspective way how to teach new network professionals, but also showed the importance of highly qualified instructors and equipment. For this reason, the curricula’s of Networking Academy Program have become an integral part of study program “Informatics” at Department of Computers and Informatics (DCI). Great results were achieved by cooperation with Computer Networks Laboratory at DCI where researchers and instructors together are participating in development in the field of computer networks.
More information about this close cooperation is available at the CNL website.

Our Successes – The awards we have received in recent years:
Paris 2000, Copenhagen 2002 – Regional academy of the year in EMEA
Regional Academy of the year in Slovakia, 2002, 2004, 2007:
Project of the year Valencia, 2005

“We can state that the demand for new forms of education based on ICT is highly required in Slovakia. It is evident that the Networking Academy program is progressive educational initiative, which offers modern technologies to the Slovak educational system. The Technical University of Kosice highly appreciates their involvement into the Networking Academy program. The Networking Academy based education model is generally considered as a suitable model for blended learning education. In Slovakia it contributes to transformation of classical educational forms into a modern school of the third millennium. The Technical University of Kosice based on successful implementation of Networking Academy program is going to be representative sites for the introduction of blended-learning technologies based on multimedia elements applied not only for the academic sectors but also for the private one, too”.
Prof. Anton Cizmar, Vice Rector TU


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