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Who is behind the Partner Advocacy Email?

Have you ever visited the ASC and ITC Community on NetSpace?

Do you know the people sending you information from Partner Advocacy?

Friday 12. Dec 2014 the ASC and ITC Newsletter was delivered into your email box. This is the voice of Kara Sullivan and Lance Anderson who want to equip you with tools and resources to support your academies. They want to keep you up to date with new developments, ask for your opinion, point you to the right places – and be available for you – in the NetSpace community for questions and issues.


Kara will be spending her holiday season at her home in Dallas, Texas. She will be spending Christmas day with her family eating fried turkey and cornbread, and watching college football, all while enjoying a few seasonal craft ales. A few items on her holiday wish list are a new desk, a robot that can make and deliver coffee to her new desk, and most importantly for the Dallas Cowboys to make it into the playoffs!







This holiday season Lance will be spending time with his wife, son, and daughter in Phoenix, Arizona where he will enjoy his favorite traditions — drinking eggnog and singing along to re-runs of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. On his holiday wish list Lance is asking for a new desk chair, a portable Bluetooth speaker, and a new Academy Locator tool in NetSpace.

If you have a holiday wish list regarding problems with any of the tools, processes, or any suggestions about improvement on how we can better support your operations as an ASC or ITC, please come to the community or contact us directly at lancande(at)cisco.com and karsulli(at)cisco.com.

Happy Holidays to you and your families and please send some snow our way!

Warm regards,

Kara and Lance

Lance and Kara

Build your smart device

… without learning a programming language.

Some of you might remember … the ones who came to the Cisco Partner Summit in Barcelona from 22-23. October 2014. Yes, the IoE Workshop “Be Creative with IoE: building a smart thing” where we were building a smart alarm clock.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are a student, it is probably hard to imagine that teachers can also work in a team to create something together. They did and this was the team composition:

  1. Manager – ensures the projects are implemented and that everybody is working 🙂
  2. Designer – design and construct the box
  3. Programmer – programs the software inside the boards
  4. Engineer – connect the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino, peripherals of I/O, wires

Great work, super fun and we are looking forward to IoE classrooms in the Cisco Networking Academy World.

Now we have a challenge of for everyone:

Impress Santa and get your present – Enter the #Xmashack Contest


Thanks to the Technical Field Team of the Cisco Networking Academy Bogdan Doinea, Marc Khayat, Serges Nanfack Fomekong, Eugene Morozov and Giuseppe Cinque and the creators of the cool tool Wyliodrinyou can build cars or robots that can move around while your smart device is being programmed – Alexandru Radovici, Ioana Culic, Ovidiu Stoica who were supporting the teams.



Xmashack Contest Share with the hashtags #XmasHack #Wyliodrin

Networking Academy Partner Summit 2014

Kickstarting IT Skills with Linux Essentials

LPI_Essentials_logoCome Learn About the New NDG Linux Essentials Course

Dear ASC and ITC Partners,
Dear Instructors,

A new course is available for you to teach:  Linux Essentials
Developed by our partners NDG

You and your colleagues are invited to attend our Webinar on the benefits of teaching Linux Essentials, both for you and your students, presented by Rich Weeks from NDG. Even if you are already teaching with Linux content, this is an opportunity to see how you can make it more fun.

We have two time slots available before Christmas

Wednesday, December 17 from 16:00 to 17:00     REGISTER here

Thursday, December 18  from 12:00 to 13:00        REGISTER here

We will offer more dates in the new year, the dates will be posted as soon as we have them scheduled.

Why Should I Attend this Webinar?

  • ICT disciplines are finding value in Linux expertise and it is a great complement to networking.
  • Linux content can be challenging to teach and learn.
  • Hearing from instructors and students who found great success in the small market trial of the course.
  • … seeing a demo and being able to ask question and chat with others is always kickstarting ideas.

What Is Special About the New Linux Course?

  1. The course outline aligns with the LPI.ORG Linux Essentials Certificate.
  2. The NetSpace learning environment has lessons, quizzes and assessments for high school and college.
  3. Students use virtual machines, which reduces tech support required.
  4. Material is aligned chapter by chapter with national education standards (STEM et al).
  5. Your students will add marketable job skills to their resume.

Looking forward to meeting you

Ana Vujasin, Eugene Morozov, Bogdan Doinea, Jutta Jerlich, Karol Kniewald, Nargiz Omarbekova

Young Talent learning from Cisco Engineers

Dominik HerkelCisco Unified Access Workshop

I  am Dominik Herkel, a member of the Cisco Top Talent Club initiative. Therefore I was given the chance to listen to a very interesting and future driven workshop, directly presented by a member of Cisco Systems Austria. Martin Rosensteiner, a Systems Engineer, taught us the important networking technologies and designs of tomorrow.

We discussed the pros and cons of a modern wireless architecture and how vital and critical a well-planned wireless network is for overall business success. Then we got some information about the wireless products, e.g. Cisco Aironet Access Points and Cisco Wireless Controllers, which comply with actual standards and specifications.

The wireless portfolio led us to another important aspect, which comes up with a unified access and converged infrastructure. So we learned a lot about the new Cisco switching products and how they are connected to the rest of an advanced network.

The last topic of our workshop was the cloud managed component of Cisco’s wireless products and how they are positioned on the market. This was a special interest of mine, because for me it was very important to know in which case a cloud managed wireless solution fits better than a traditional one.

At the end of the presentation, Martin discussed with us the term Software Defined Networking (SDN) and how it could be integrated today, as well as in the future into companies and governments all over the globe.

A great thanks to Martin Rosensteiner!

Dominik Herkel


Cisco Top Talent Club Austria




The era of cybercrime

High Level Discussion at the 8. Cisco Public Service Talk 2014 in the Norwegian Embassy in Vienna

065jpg141120Ci_previewTogether with the Norwegian Ambassador Bente Angell- Hanson Cisco Austria invited 60 guests to the residence of the Ambassador to a top class expert discussion from industry, politics and education to discuss the current topic of

How can state, economy and society be protected in the era of cybercrime?

The panel

  • Knut Anders Moi – Director General for rescue and emergency planning at the Ministry of Justice and Public Security in Norway
  • Bente Angell-Hansen – Norwegian Ambassador
  • Corinna Milborn, Moderator from TV Station PULS 4
  • Johanna Mikl-Leitner – Austrian Federal Interior Ministry
  • Achim Kaspar – General Manager Cisco Austria

The discussion brought contributions looking at the topic from different angles. It became clear that a strong collaboration between state and industry is the cornerstone. Specialists for the Cyber Crime Competence Centers been built on national levels the Cisco Networking Academy plays a central role supporting educators with newest teaching and learning materials that are freely available on NetSpace – their platform being used in 165 countries around the world.

Ambassador Bente Angell-Hansen is convinced that Information and Education are essential for the fight against cyber crime because prevention can only be successful when the population is informed. The new NetAcad course “Introduction to Cybersecurity” aims at learners of all ages and levels with no prerequisite to open the door to this topic. A topic that central for a society demands to integrate as many women as possible which is our determination. We succeeded to show this intention with the composition of the panel.

“In the context of IT security the protection of civil rights is a major public debate in Norway.  It is a delicate matter, to find a balance, on the one hand to protect the society  against cyber crime, while respecting the rights of citizens.”

Bente Angell-Hansen, designed Norwegian ambassador


Pressemeldung Public Service Talk 2014 [in German]

Interested to join the Networking Academy Community?

The event will be covered in two Austrian newspapers: Format and Wirtschaftsblatt.

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