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2nd Day @Hackathon Milan

Cisco IoE Hackathon, Day 2
— with Alexandru Radovici from Wyliodrin


Six teams of Italian students  comprise of designers, engineer and programmers accepted the challenge to build an IoE based solution addressing the challenges Education faces. Regular expert check-ins with professionals focusing on hardware, software, programming, business modelling and collaboration support the teams from the ideation phase to the prototyping and idea pitching tomorrow.

The Start of the IoE Hackthon was right after the ending of the Academy Day at the Cisco LIVE in Milan where almost 1500 students followed the agenda with the focus on

Imagination, Creativity and Innovation for a Better World
How the Internet of Everything can make the world a better place?

Netacad students can self-enrol to the Introduction to IoE course

Quite a challenge … but if it was so easy … that does not deter us.

High energy and motivation keeps us going!

We will keep you posted …


Introduction to IoE



Become a Networking Academy


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