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NetRiders 2015 – in a new format

This year Cisco Networking Academy is running competitions in 7 regions  – all participating countries in the region register and then compete during the same dates in 2015:
Netriders Schedule2015

The majority of the questions at all three levels deal with technical skills but there will be some questions about Internet of Everything (IoE) and soft skills.

  • CCNA – geared toward CCNA certifications and open to students currently enrolled in or recently completed the 3rd or 4th CCNA course
  • CCENT – geared toward CCENT certifications and open to students currently enrolled in or recently completed the 1st or 2nd CCNA course
  • IT Essentials – geared toward the IT Essentials course and open to students currently enrolled in or recently completed the IT Essentials course

Competitors can register for one NetRiders competition during the open registration period and self-select the competition they choose to participate in based on eligibility requirements.

Get all details and go to registration

Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders IT skills competitions are a great opportunity for students and alumni to showcase their networking abilities, learn valuable new IT skills, and gain visibility among talent recruiters in the growing ICT and networking field.

Good Luck !!!


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The value of competitions


Pitching Ideas

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The IoE Creathon for Social Good was organized in Riga in parallel to the eSkills Conference on March 12th and 13th. It is a kind of hackathon (48 hours of intense work from an idea to a prototype) open to all students from all background with all types of competences.

It is an event that stimulates creativity and innovation, using new tools and methods, fostering and fueling creativity in everybody (organizers, helpers, partners and jury included) involved.

Students worked in teams and had to come up with ideas – in a very very short amount of time !! – where the innovative use of technology enhances public services. The event lasted 1,5 days. The end of the competition was a 5 minute pitch explaining their projects aiming to convince jury members that their idea is the best.

The Teams

Impatient team 
Long waiting queue for medical specialists in Latvia sparked the idea of a screening device to collect data about your health status with sensors so you can know when you really need to go to the doctor.

Lonelyness is something we all know, but it is also a feeling we are able to track and possibly manage. People with Moodwatch can mentor others and get mentored by other when one feels lonely.

solves the question: How can we help people who need help in their daily life? by creating local networks of volunteers and professionals who come and help you with tasks at hand.

Something from nothing
aims to create electricity from used water to help overcome the energy crisis in rural India. As a community owned initiative the produced electricity is used to light one room per house.

The jury

  • Giuseppe Cinque – our Netacad IoE product manager
  • Davis Plotnieks- head of a Latvian Social Business Incubator
  • Janis Grabis – head of the RTU IT department and
  • Leo Truksans – Netacad instructor and head of the IT department at University of Latvia

The judging criteria were the level of innovation of the project, the economic viability, the potential positive impact on society and the quality of the presentation.

likta_6 likta_1 likta_4

We did it again!

Datum: 2014-03-21
Tid: 09.00 – 15.00
Plats: Sal Omega, Mälardalens högskola Vasteras

Network Challenge 2Thorildsplans gymnasium CA won Network Challenge for the third time. This year Grillska gymnasiet succeeded to take second place. Our two teams came home with gold and bronze medal. Christopher Maxwell TE12D and Nhan Sundstrom TE13D won the gold and Gustav Young TE12E and Axel Kennedal TE12E won bronze.

After the first race both of our teams were first with a score of 100 points each. Grillska gymnasium best team had 80 points.

In the second round Grillska managed to win over our second team.

Network Challenge is a competition in network technology held by Mälardalen University. Participants come from Cisco Networking Academies connected to Malardalen University ASC. The competition is held once a year.

The competition

The first part consisted of participants configuring routers and switches. The task was to do basic configuration and routing protocols.

In the second part, it was troubleshooting. The teams were given a pre-configured networks with multiple errors.

Network Challenge3   Network Challenge4   Network Challenge5

Reported by: Bo Lindborg, Thorildsplans gymnasium

I have so much to tell you …

We are two computer science classes from Sweden in our last year of school before university. For many of us this is the first time in the USA and we are really excited about it …

Check out the #ThorildsUSA on Instagram to see more photos!

Our Blog article about Visiting Cisco HQ

Comments from students:

Ø “I really like the iRobot. I have never seen anything like it. This shows how innovative this company really is.”

Ø “It was amazing to see the mega self-built network. The cable arrangement was amazing and organized.”

Ø “I enjoyed the visit and it inspired me. Visiting the Data Center confirmed this is something I really want to do and work with.”

Directions and warning for other educational organizations:
The aftermath of trips to Cisco Campus can be inspiring 

20150313_124255 20150313_094651

Thorildsplans Gymnasium at Cisco HQ
March 13, 2015
31 (7 instructors and 24 students)

This Cisco Networking Academy (ASC and ITC as well) joined Cisco Networking Academy Program in 2000. Most of the students on this field trip are currently enrolled in either CCNA, ITE or IoE course. The professors aim to increase students’ exposures and understanding of Cisco’s technology to inspire them to further their study in networking and IT.

Bosse Lindborg:

The Cisco Campus was taking care of us very well. All of us were invited and the arrangement was fantastic. We were divided into three groups to see different parts of campus. Afterwards we were invited to a nice lunch.

Thanks to everyone who has made this visit to the Cisco campus possible and so impressive.

Sandy Do, Raquel Aguilar, Eric Chu, Joseph O’Donnell, Hai-Wei Chen, Joe Klimkiewicz, Nicholas Choy, Karen Alderson
Managment Support: Karol Kniewald, Kyle Thornton 


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