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Who is behind #MMBbSHack17


Interview with David Brett

David Brett MMBbSDavid is the driving force behind the MMBbS-Hackathon 2017. After participating in 4 #netacadde Hackathons, he was fully hooked and decided to run his own.  With the huge support and encouragement from Joachim Maiß and Joachim Kemmries from the MMBbS Hannover, it is already clear that more Hackathons will follow.

David and his colleague Andre Neumann used 6 months of solid preparation time which resulted in an extended 4-day Hackathon planned down to the last detail. ” … and therefore running very smoothly” says participating expert Jochen Berbuer, experienced in Hackathons himself.

It started on Monday 15.05.2017. Six teams identified
< Pollution > < City Security > < People > < Rubbish > < Shopping > < Traffic > as their group topics within the overall theme „Living in an Urban Environment“.

What is you impression of the Hackathon in comparison to other ones you participated in?

We have very enthusiastic ideas, people are learning lots of stuff, and instructors are actually enjoying it a lot. However, we are surprised that our students want to go home around 17:00 and close the day. This was different when we participated with a group of students in another city in Germany. At this time, work would go on until in the evening every day. Nevertheless this fact does not reduce the motivation or engagement of the students during this hackathon. To the contrary – we have two teams that have reached out to local companies and discussed their technical solution for a problem with them, with the result that the two companies will come to the project presentations.

Were there any special moments you want to share with us?

Yes, at the first day groups had no ideas or concepts until early afternoon. We already started to wonder where we failed, our minds started to run in circles on what we could do. Suddenly ideas and their concepts appeared. A buzzy moment for all of us where we just puzzled and wondered how that happened.

Thank you David

We will hopefully be able to get some more insights in the next days …

… to be continued.

Virtual Tour #MMBbSHack17 Virtual Tour #MMBbSHack17 Virtual Tour #MMBbSHack17

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