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PT Challenge going live

Packet Tracer

Foto: Max Offensberger

What is PT?

These abbreviations …  really hard for people who are not in this Techie World yet. It is just like a independent language, people you are new to this world just do not understand.

A shame because we actually need them in this world IT Skill Gap, and it will be hard to inspire people to open this door.

The Packet Tracer is such a door !

It is very easy to enter the world of Networking Technology – using the Packet Tracer 7.0 –  and see your learning progress fast.

This format is for educators and learners.

Check it out.

Inspirational regards



Here is your invitation

Hello team,
One of the goals of our Learning R&D team is to do rapid experimentation, including research, in time bound projects. This is why we are launching the Packet Tracer Challenge on Facebook.

We have recognized the natural tendency and popularity of PT users posting their solutions in social media spaces and we’d like to support them and give this engagement visible to infect others to use PT 7.0 for their learning.

The challenge will run December 1-15 in English only and will be solely managed within Facebook.

I encourage you to join the page and review the solutions from students once they begin posting, and Like or Comment on any of the entries.

Special appreciation goes to Bob Schoenherr for his creative support and the entire team for inspiring experts to be our judges.

We look forward to researching the results of this experiment and how this drives motivation.





Packet Tracer Challenge on Facebook


Julie on the road – meet William

Julie on the right and me on the left – another colleague between us

I met Julie Chrysler a couple of years ago because of work. We were colleagues at work. Most of all we are just on the same page with our passion about innovation, collaboration, co-creation. We love connecting the dots to bring people together for a greater impact.

Julie is currently on the road traveling in Africa. She keeps telling me about awesome entrepreneurs. One of them is William – they met in Nairobi end of September. His startup is promoting sports talent at grassroots level.

It is so just wow for me when I hear that young people create services that encompass a giving back to the community element from the start.

I got some insights into how the story of William Wanyama started and what he is offering with his startup.

william_400x4001. What are you doing?
UmpireRef is a web and mobile application addressing documentation challenges affecting amateur sports. This is achieved by assisting referees in capturing match data in real-time through a mobile app, with the information then being synced to other users such as coaches, spectators and event organizers using a web based interface. Therefore, we reduce the impact of poor documentation practices which are more prominent in developing regions, where sports events are either not recorded or are logged in paper format which isn’t easily accessible.

2. Why are you doing this? What is motivating you?
It started out with my own personal experience of having won several accolades with my high school soccer team but quickly saw them diminish in value due to an inefficient documentation practice. In the world of sport there are more amateur players than professionals yet documentation is often poorly done at amateur level. There is a need to address this issue and help grassroots talent in both men’s and women’s sports to more easily find opportunities, gain exposure and fulfill their potential.

3. What were the most difficult obstacles, problems you encountered on the way?
Our growth has been impacted by a lack of resources. Largely in the form of funding and team size.

4. How did you overcome them?
By basing our operations in the iHub community, we have been able to rely on its members and services to help us address those challenges. Freelancers in the community have contributed to our platform in various forms be it developing our application or business strategy.

5. What would you need to have more impact in the world? Can we help you with something?
We are looking for investors or anyone who believe in our mission to help us raise funds to cover our operating costs so that we can focus on achieving our goals. We also encourage more developers to contribute to our project as the code base is open source.

Thanks, William, for sharing your story.


Delivered by Techimpuls on our mission to be a space making innovative ideas visible for leaders, experts and entrepreneurs to achieve a greater impact together.





The Art of Learning from Mistakes


We live in an unprecedented time of transformation. Digital Technologies are impacting not only companies but the society as a whole: Industry 4.0, Virtual Reality, gamification, Smart Cities, wearable clothes … are just some of the buzz words. This is driving organizational change, with it a cultural revolution.

Innovation requires a mindset accepting setbacks, adjustments, mistakes, errors as part of the development path.

When innovation happens at this incredible rapid pace, the art of learning from mistakes becomes crucial.

A movement where stories of failed businesses and projects are shared, discussed and embraced is growing globally – FuckUp Nights.

It started in 2012 in Mexico City and is now the most active creator’s movement on the planet – it means that every month more than 10.000 people make time to go to FuckUp Nights –short FUN – and listen to

3 people who share their stories in 7 minutes and 10 images

  • What was the project?
  • What went wrong?
  • What did you learn?
  • What would you do differently?

Today there are 143 active cities in 53 countries where people listen to three stories about failure each lasting 7 minutes on a regular basis.

So GO OUT and find a FuckUp Night near you.

If it is not in your city yet, move to a city where it is 🙂 … or ORGANIZE one in your city.

Happy to support you in it.
Because I am just in the middle of doing this myself and it is my “must” to share my experiences with others. Thanks to everyone sharing their experience with me: The FuckUpNight international community, Salomé Wagner from FUN Vienna, Claudius Krucker from FUN St.Gallen and Réginald Bien-Aimé and Fanny Bauer organizing FUN in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich.

We are putting Basel – Switzerland’s most dynamic and innovative economic area – on the Map:

Putting Basel on the Map

The First Ever FuckUp Night in Basel will happen on May 12, 2016 at 19 pm at the Lohnhof, Im Lohnhof 8, 4051 Basel.

Weil Fehler zum Erfolg führen
Because errors are on your way to success
Parce que l’erreur est source de succès

Get FUN Basel tickets

The specialty: Basel is located shoulder to shoulder to Germany and France – actually a stone throw distance from almost all corners of the city – with globally present companies. Therefore the event is trilingual (English, Deutsch, Francais).

What is the specialty of your city?


@FUN_Basel, @FUN_Vienna, #fuckupnights #geneva #lausanne #stgallen #basel #zurich #switzerland


What is the FuckUp Nights Movement
Register for May 12, in Basel

World Economic Forum – The digital transformation of Industries @wef

Cisco Packet Tracer Know How

Your NetAcad Membership is the Cisco Packet Tracer License

Packet Tracer
Packet Tracer Know How –
a one hour guided tour

Packet Tracer 101 is a 1 hour course showing you and your learners how to use Packet Tracer and turn it into your learning tool.

The course is designed for self learning and available in English only.

The course is your entry ticket to working with Packet Tracer and a must on your pathway into the IT world.

You want to check out the course?

The Link is found on NetSpace in the section of our Community Developed Courses.

Mobility Fundamentals Series

Many of you know Bogdan Doinea, now Cisco Systems Engineer for IoE, prior Technical Manager in the Networking Academy, who might have become a dear friend for you as well as for me, is the expert and guide through this topic. He walks the learner through the evolution of wireless communications and explains the standards and technologies enabling the mobile phenomenon that impacts the societies today.


Module 1: Wireless Technologies and Standards

Estimated Time: 1.5 hour
Prerequisites: ITE, CCENT, or equivalent knowledge
Languages: English
Instructor-Led Option: No

The Mobility Fundamentals Series provides an introduction to mobility technologies & applications including: wireless technology concepts, wireless LAN design, mobility applications, and configuration & troubleshooting. A foundational knowledge of mobility and wireless technologies are essential components in the age of Internet of Everything.

Currently Module 1 is available, more to come. Each module is followed by a quiz to check your understanding.

After completing this course, students will:

  • Understand Wireless Technologies
  • Understand Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) Standards

Enroll Now for Module 1  [accessible to everyone with Networking Academy Accounts]

You are an instructor …
and want to know how to make best use of the course?

For learners in CCNA1 and IT Essentials this self- enrol 1,5 hour course is a great short self study assignment, especially when starting into a new school year or semester or when on-boarding new learners.  It is best coupled with the Packet Tracer Know How 101 course.

The Link is found on NetSpace in the section of our Community Developed Courses.

Happy Mobility to everyone!

Summer News – CCNA 5.1 is here

We hope that the summer had a lot of relaxing time to recharge your batteries for all of you and the start into a new semester and school year takes off with a momentum:


Our NetSpace team heard all of your input and feedback, thought about it and created CCNA 5.1 “the best CCNA ever” … statement from the German community.

What is the change?

Parts of the very demanding content was moved to the appendix, repetitions were deleted, explanatory video material was added and the supporting instructor materials were updated and improved.

LINKS to drill down into the details

The News and Events post includes the availability of the CCNA R&S ITN 5.1 Overview and the CCNA R&S 5.03 and CCNA R&S 5.1 Announcement – A recording outlining the curriculum enhancements
One more place to check Instructor Resource Spotlight

profile-image-display.jspaHere is an explanation from Eugene Morozov [22 min] Technical Manager on the NetAcad Team.

<<<< yes, this recording includes the invitation and details to the IPD week from 28th of September to 1st of October 2015 where the new features of CCNA 5.1. will be one of the topics.

What is the IPD week? IPD stands for Instructor Professional Development and you can self-enrol to this course, letting you have access to lots of instructor resources, learn about how other instructors use the course materials and much more.

This recording covers the updates to CCNA R&S curriculum.

CCNA R&S 5.03 update is the migration of the courses content to a new improved learning environment.

CCNA R&S ITN 5.1 update – Introduction to Networks course content have been reorganized and improved to address many concerns shared by instructor community.

Overview of the tools that can be used for planning and delivering courses includes:

– Instructor Resource Spotlight
– IPGs (Instructor Planning Guides)
– Activity Maps
– Teaching Best Practices
– Global IPD Week
– New course environment and content


Let us know if there are any issues or questions and contact your AAM or Technical Manager.

Happy to get in contact with you through your comments here as well 🙂

Have a great rest of the summer and come back rejuvenated

Jutta Jerlich, Eugene Morozov


Kick-off > Lift-off > Take-off …

From NetRiders participant to WorldSkills competitor to being an Expert in WorldSkills to starting your own company … one of the personal stories.

If you talk to someone who has been at one of the WorldSkills competitions, you will learn that their experience has effected their in a similar way. It affected mine.

Many of the competitors were Networking Academy Students or even NetRiders before, win the National Skills Competitions,  represent their countries on a global level, become expert after that and continue to support the Skills competitions in the years after that. Here is one of many examples:

Worldskill 2015 Team Sweden

Adrian Flodell with expert Andreas Strömgren


The Swedish Team
Adrian Flodell is a Networking Academy Student from Katrineholms Tekniska College
Andreas Strömgren competed at the WorldSkills 2007 in Shizuoka and already was the Swedish expert in Leipzig 2013.


NEW this Year

This year will be the largest competition ever, there are new technical description and a couple of new rules upon that. Many experienced experts will help the expert team to deal with all changes.

For the first time we are launching a pilot initiative to connect Cisco experts with competitors as they prepare for the competition in August.

Another new activity: a hackathon-style event where WorldSkills Champions and local technologists team up to solve real-world problems faced by Brazilian NGOs: 12-15 August, 2015 in São Paulo wsdc2015.worldskills.org


Cisco got really good learning materials for understanding Cisco’s devices and all the networking technology.

Tanel Pèep, Estonia


Stay tuned! More from and about WorldSkills competitors will follow ….

More about Worldskills at www.worldskills.org
and the competition from 11-16 August 2015 – São Paulo, Brazil www.worldskillssaopaulo2015.com


Netrider representing Austria at WorldSkills

Cisco at Worldskills 2013 in Leipzig

More articles about WorldSkills


I take my students to visit other Networking Academies in the world

IMG-20150528-WA0003Bo Lindborg is a leader in IT Education, teacher and Cisco Networking Academy instructor for many years. I know him since a few months and am really happy that we have become colleagues and friends organizing the Nordics & Baltics NETACAD Conference together in May 2015

Bo is the one in the middle of the photo – getting to know more about him is showing me that he is a really amazing person:

Inpired by a thought-provoking conversations about emerging markets with Paul Mountford – a Cisco executive – at the 10-year Networking Academy anniversary in Istanbul, he started thinking about the idea to send his students to other countries to help build networks.

He started searching for contacts using the Academy Netspace arena and was supported by Aine Doris and Nuno Guarda to get help finding a contact there. It resulted in coming into contact with Ms. Maria Salud De Los Santos who is the legal head contact person at the University of Cebu (UC) in the Philippines. READ MORE

Meeting other academies is my main way in finding opportunities for collaboration. In this sense, there is no better path in sharing insightful experiences between academies.

Let it be known wide and clear that student should truly appreciate that the Cisco academy is global and worldwide. Let everyone know that Cisco Academy program makes things happen and it changes lives.

My future dream is to build bridges between Cisco academies all over the world. If anyone is interested to know more about my projects, please write to me.
[please find contact in the full article]

Thank you very much Bo, for all your initiatives. I am happy to support your ventures …


READ MORE about the Swedish CISCO instructor goes to the Philippines
By Bo Lindborg, Blackeberg Upper Secondary School, 2008

Read about more bridges being built
Inspirational visit to Cisco Dublin for Students from Denmark
I have so much to tell you …

Congratulation to all NetRiders 2015

First NetRiders Winners in a new format

Last week we held the final round of the NetRiders CCNA competition for your region.  This is the competition that awards the two Study Trip Prizes to Cisco HQ the week of 10-16 January, 2016.  This year our Study Trip prize winners will be coming from Czech Republic and Slovakia. Congratulations !!!

1    Marek Suchanek   –   Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Republic
2    Tomas Danis   –   SPŠ elektrotechnická S.A. Jedlika Nové Zámky, Slovakia
3    Nicola Buono   –   Accademia del Levante, Italy
4    Metodi Panayotov   –   Bulgarian Industrial Association-Union of the Bulgarian Business, Bulgaria
5    Corneliu Moglan   –   Telekom Foundation, Romania

Check out the full results on the NetRiders website.

As you know, we made some changes this year.  We moved to a regional competition instead of individual country competitions and we changed the structure to Round 3 (which would have been the equivalent of the International NetRiders in past years).  The twenty Round 3 competitors took a 60 minute, 100 question exam and also were sent a PT file with two challenges that they had to present on during a 15 minute WebEx session and then answer some questions from the judges.

I would like to thank judges Bob Schoenherr and Eugene Morozov who spent an entire day to judge the 20 WebEx sessions. This session tested both technical and soft skills.  Europe, Russian Federation and CIS was the second region to try this new format and we were pleased with all the Round 3 competitors and their efforts.

A huge thank you to all participants for their efforts and time investment!
Congratulations to the winners!

Until next year

Tracy Granlund


I am missing photos of our participants which we used to have with our prior NetRiders format when our participants were asked to come to specific locations, so I decided to post a photo of Tracy instead. She is the power behind the NetRiders competitions. Thank you Tracy for all the energy and time you invest every year!


NetRiders Wall of Fame


Preparations for WorldSkills in 36 Countries

Author: Lantz Anders, Sweden

Anders LantzWorldSkills Sâo Paulo 2015 is not far away, and as the Chief Expert it’s a lot to do all since the CPW (competition preparation week) in February.

This year we have a new Technical description and also the largest amount of competitor ever (36 countries), and also more than 20 new experts, so there is huge work for me as the ”Skill manager” for this event. I have to be sure that every single detail will be in place before all Experts meet and do the final preparation on place in Brazil one week before the competition starts.

To my help I have the Deputy Chief Expert, Doug Warden from Canada and also three module team leaders with their assistants, and also a couple of ”old” experts that have roles as ESR (Expert with Special Responsibilities). All preparations that’s done and will be done until Sâo Paulo is done via WorldSkills discussion forum, where all experts have access to a lot of different topics.

The competitors have the actual competition tasks for the three modules Linux, Windows and Cisco environments for training since May 14th and on site in Brazil we then have to apply at least 30% changes on them.

We also have a new module this year ”Troubleshooting and secret challenges” that will be held for all on the last day of the competition.

The tasks here will be totally blind for the competitors and 50% of this will be a secret challenge made in Packet Tracer by Cisco!

In Sâo Paulo the will have a Hackaton style challenge also … wsdc2015.worldskills.org
A hackathon-style event where WorldSkills Champions and local technologists team up to solve real-world problems faced by Brazilian NGOs.

More about Worldskills at www.worldskills.org
and the upcoming competition at www.worldskillssaopaulo2015.com/en/

Looking forward to seeing YOU involved ….

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