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Find your calling – speak to the Best

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Unclear career path? Interested in several areas? You want to check out different professions? Not yet thought about it …

Berufswahl unklarThe right profession is more than just a job.

Visit us at the SwissSkills 2014

Cisco Switzerland and the Cisco Networking Academy Switzerland and Partner will show that IT as a profession is definitely a cool pathway, allows you to join the  architects of the future – it will not only be rewarding but also fun.

How to best inform yourself?

– speak to many people who took this decision already and ask how they feel,
– speak to people working in the profession,
– meet the young people who became the best in their profession and  known to a (not only young) audience worldwide.

We are looking forward to meet and speak to

  • Pascal Knecht, Winner of Swiss Skills 2013
  • Lukas Hubschmid, Winner of Swiss Skills 2013 and Swiss Trade 39 Representant at the WorldSkills in Leipzig 2013
  • Danny Meier, Technical Expert for Lukas Hubschmid at the WorldSkills in Leipzig 2013
  • Tobias Künzi, Michi Hostettler and Valentin Zahnd, Winners of the Swiss Cyber Security Challenge 2013
  • Bernhard Tellenbach, Adrian Bachmann, Ivan Bütler from Swiss Cyber Storm

In career talks, discussions and workshops you have the opportunity to

  • take a look behind the scenes of IT
  • actively take part in discussions about Technologies of the Future
  • meet people from the Management Team of Cisco Switzerland

Patrick Winter, Fabian Terranova and Tiago Pinheiro from BBB Baden present their final project where they answered this question: How can the old concept of a Jukebox be implemented with new technology?
I am really looking forward to speaking to them.

You know young people who are still looking for their callings? Please forward our invitation to them!

You know one of the young people participating in the competitions? Come and support them in person, this is pure motivation for them: Get your Fan Ticket

We are looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you at the Swiss Skills 2014 in Bern.


Swiss Cyber Storm

The Swiss Master in Networking Technology is coming from the BBB Baden

The winners from the Swiss Skills 2014 represent Switzerland at the WorldSkills 2015 in Brasil.

Berufswahl klar logo-ict-berufsbildung 01-NetAcad Lockup-STANDARD-PRINT-PurpleBlue.jpg 10Oct12


Germany: National IT Skills Competition

DM-IT_FieteBoernerThe aim of the WorldSkills Germany IT Network Technology Competition is to identify and reward the best IT network professionals in the PC industry. However, WorldSkills Germany also provides valuable support to vocational training, and bridges the gap between business, politics and the public.

Countrywide, Cisco academies organize regional preliminaries and the 16 people who qualified went on to participate in the Federal competition. The competition included 4 disciplines:

  • Linux operating System
  • Microsoft Server administration
  • Networking Skills
  • Presentation and Communication.

A number of stakeholders joined forces to support the competition: Cisco, the Ministry of Education, the Linux Professional Institute, Computacenter, the chamber of Commerce in Neubrandenburg and the public vocational training center in the city. The jury members were a group of vocational training teachers and vocational trainers from private companies.

The overall winner was Simon Stamm from Hannover. Simon will join the German EuroSkills team to compete for medals at the EuroSkills competition in Lille, France on the 2 – 4 October 2014. He will also  represent the country at the WorldSkills competition in Sao Paulo in August 2015.

For further information please visit the following link (German only) or contact Carsten Johnson.

Passion is the new currency

Meet young people with passion, loving what they do – get inspired and find your passion and future profession

Skills and Talent


It is not an easy task these days selecting a profession or choosing an educational pathway. Professions our parents knew disappear and new professions are created.

The questions: What am I made for? What do I want to do in my future professional life? is a real challenge for many. The answers to these questions have to come from within.

In many fields there is a lack of skilled talent and at the same time a continuously growing part of our young generation are without employment.  A paradox situation.

I am very happy to have had the opportunity to meet young people who have found their passion in a technical topic and are already becoming the future experts today. Where can you meet them?

In more and more countries in Europe … at competitions, initiatives, events and programs like …

Many schools and educational organizations ARE PART in these programs and initiatives

First step: Visit and take a look into the professional world of the future.

Through Volunteering you can meet cool young people like yourself, who found their passion already.

It does pay off, to check this out. In any case there is nothing to loose.



17. to 21. September 2014 Swiss Skills 2014 in Bern

2. to 4. October 2014 Euroskills 2014 in Lille




Reporting from Wings for Life World Run

@CiscoNetAcad at Wingsforlifeworldrun #worldrun

Netacad Team_kl

Please follow our technical briefings and insights on networkingakademien.wordpress.com

Initiator and Lead
Jutta Jerlich

NetAcad Team OnSite @ WorldRun
Maximilian Lehrbaum
Felix Hartung
Ivica Vugrinec
Nathan Arthur Boone
Kevin Anthony Van Ryckegem

Running Reporter
Christoph Malin, Austria

Global Reporters
Laura Stoica, Romania
Borja Pineiro, Spain
Edgar Rupare, United Kingdom
Rahul Goyal, India
Raghava Krishna Teja Chintalapati, India
Arun Ganesh, India

Juan Carlos Soto Sosa – he is an instructor from Chile and WorldSkills expert who involved his entire class:

Ernesto Lantigua De La Cruz
Mariela Bussi Pimentel
Félix José Méndez Alvarez
jordanny rosario santana
Carlos Juan Shephard Guerrero
Bian Polanco
Ariel Feliz
Yanira Mendez
Nilson Misiel Perez Rosa
Noemi Guzman Garcia
Felix Joel Ubiera Ruiz
Daris Jose De Jesus
Nathan Raul Almonte Romero
Julio Anderson Coplin Nunez
Ricardo Alexander de la Rosa
Frank de Jesus Portorreal
Jose David Guzman Catala
Joel Ruiz
Jesus Manuel Betances Espinal
Marcos Valenzuela

Thanks for all of your effort, teaming up with us, making the technical challenges of Wings for Life World Run a topic to think about.

Just IMAGINE what else we can do together on Wings for Life World Run on May 3rd 2015 !

The NetAcad Team

Cisco Networking Academy #netacad at Wingsforlifeworldrun #worldrun


The NetAcad Team invited to come behind the scenes at Worldrun arrived in the Global Race Control Center in the middle of Austria and right away immersed into speaking with tech experts to understand how such an event can develop from an idea into reality. Here are our team members and a very brief introduction (on the photo from left to right).

Ivica Vugrinec
is an alumni University of Zagreb Faculty of Organization and Informatics and now studying for his CCNP at the Cisco Networking Academy NetAkademija. He is also the National NetRiders Winner 2013 of Croatia.

Kevin Van Ryckegem
is from Brussels, studied Networking Technology and Programing at University College of Brussels (HUB) and is doing his internship at the University of Applied Science in Salzburg.

Nathan Boone
is also from Brussels and from the same University. Kevin and Nathan became good friends in Salzburg. Both of them are interested in working with people from different countries due to the difference of point of view in working on one task.

Felix Hartung
is from Vienna, graduated from a Higher Technical School HTL Rennweg in Vienna two years ago that is part of the Networking Academy Program. He competed for Austria in the WorldSkills 2014 in Leipzig last year and is passionate about Networking and Technology as such. His international experience inspired him to want to be part of the NetAcad Team at Wings For Life World Run.

Maximilian Lehrbaum
is the youngest in the team and attending the Networking Academy in HTL Ungargasse in Vienna. Due to his family situation he was able to already live in Austria, Germany, US and India which made him see things a bit different than others.

Here is a video introduction of our team.

This short time of the team being together at this event, it is already clear to me that all of them are self motivated young people, highly interested in what they do, doing it because they like to do it and not because it is their work.

In a time when geographical flexibility is becoming more and more important in the IT industry and many companies work across different countries, the experience we now have at the Wings for Life World Run, communicating with 33 countries in 34 locations to get all of the locations act on the same point in time, is just THE best preparation for work environments becoming more global every day.

You will hear more from and about everyone of them during the next 24 – 36 hours.
Stay Tuned !


Extraordinary engagement leads to extraordinary achievements

Felix Hartung wins Skills Austria and Medal of Excellence for Austria at the Worldskills 2013 in Leipzig

The Networking Academy HTL 3 Rennweg in Vienna is one of the Higher Technical Schools offering IT and Networking Administration as a study focus. This type of school is unique in its kind and offers a connection between theoretical education and practical knowledge. A HTLs prepares students to work in industry by working with instructors coming directly from industry in cooperation with companies from the region. They value the experience from industry, build their educational programs on the basis of their needs and allow students insights and direct contact to the working world that awaits them after  the completion of their education.

Felix Hartung chose the study focus Information Technology and Network Administration at HTL 3 Rennweg. His instructor Prof. DI Schöndorfer engaged him in several projects for the improvement and maintenance of the school’s IT infrastructure. As his final year project was approaching he decided to lead a group of 9 students in the project called School network Troopers. The School Network Troopers were created as a Junior enterprise with a team of IT and Network administrators supporting other schools in their operation and maintenance of their IT infrastructure. This project was awarded the first prize as a JUNIOR enterprise by the president of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce 2012.

He then decided to participate in Skills Austria and won the 1st prize in Salzburg in April 2012. This was his entry ticket to the WorldSkills competition in Leipzig 2013 where he won a Medallion for Excellence for this performance. The supporting expert was Dr. Franz Winkler from the TGM, another HTL and Networking Academy in Vienna. He coached and mentored Felix not only in technical aspects but in the mental skills needed to succeed in a highly competitive environment.

We congratulate Felix for his outstanding performance and achievements during his education, military service time and now at his job at the Federal Ministry of Defense of Austria.



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