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Wanted: Global Problem Solvers

Academy Day at Cisco Live in Berlin

Life is not the number of days you lived, it is the number of days you remember ...

This is definitely a day to remember for students and educators, full of inspiring tech talks, examples to learn from, star wars, smart city solutions, understanding the skills needed for tackling the huge issues of our societies.

Invent the future certificates reDi school award

The presentations included:

Dive into DevNet
Brett Tiller, DevNet Team, Cisco

Education the Future Problem Solver
Harbrinder Kang, Vice President Corporate Affairs, Cisco

Skills Demand in an IoE Economy
Karsten Simons, Regional Manager CSR, Cisco

Rapid Prototyping with Partners – openBerlin Innovation Platform
Dimitar Vasilijew, Technical Manager openBerlin, Cisco

IoE Hackathons in NetAcad
Marc Khayat, Technical Manager, Cisco

Digital Living in Urban Areas – IoE Hackathon
Eugene Morozov, Technical Manager, Cisco

Teaching Coding Skills to Create Job Opportunities and Economic Empowerment for Refugees
Anne Kjaer Riechert, ReDI School, co-founder

Network Security – Fear the Invisible
Ashraf Hamadi, NetAcad Student Västerås, Sweden

Hackathon Pitches from the winning teams NetAcad Student Hackathon Teams from Brussels and Berlin

Closing the Skills Gap – NetAcad IoE Offers
Carsten Johnson, CSR Territory Manager, Cisco

We felt the great spirit and connection in the room throughout the entire day. Not only there. It was also evident in our digital extension in social media.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, shared and liked !

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A POTPOURRI of your messages:

“Holistic education and training will be the key to plant a global problem solving strategy”

“ReDI School provides refugees a coworking space and mentorship to get them job read”

“Seliro is a quiet impressive idea from Brussels”

“Star Wars at the #CLAcademyDay. This Day is just great!”

“Change is the only constant”

“There’s no innovation without great people”

“What is needed to be the Heros of our time, uouooooo!.”

“If you haven’t started yet the Internet of Things, start now!”

“A hackathon can result on a social startup”

“You need broad skills to solve overwhelming global problems”

“Don’t overthink, and start now!”

“If you do nothing, others will do it. Don’t be afraid and give it a try!”


Many thanks to all of you, celebrate the day and get home safely

The Cisco Live Academy Team

Carsten, Jutta, Nico und Tobias


Further Resources

8 jobs every company will be hiring for by 2020
Why we need a digital Agenda
A Generation of problem solvers @ World Economic Forum
Infographic Global Problem Solver
First Refugee Response Center
Cisco White Paper: Global Problem Solver


All messages on Twitter #CLAcademyDay

The three largest Networking Academies in Germany

@CiscoLiveEurope #CLEur #loveopenberlin #Odisee #DigitalTransformation #AlleHelfenJetzt @eskills4jobs @eskillsgrowthEU #DigitalVenice @CiscoEMEAR @Cisco_Germany @CiscoNetAcad


It is our future

#benetacad #CLAcademyDay #CLHackathon at #CLEur

A memorable week ahead …


Powerful. It is empowering to envision your future. It is on everyone to envision the future.
Why? Because we will regret, if we do NOT do it.

Here are the activities upcoming next week:

15. – 18. 2.2016
NetAcad Hack-a-thon
Starts Monday at 13:00 at OSZ IMT, Haarlemer Str. 23-27, 12359 Berlin-Neukölln

Young talents spend 3 days together creating, shaping, designing and prototyping ideas using IT skills and competencies to engage in creative problem solving for the future of our societies.

Keywords: Hack and Marathon = exploratory programming > Digitization Transforming Teaching and Learning

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

15. 2.2016
#5 TechTalk // ReDI School of Digital Integration
How Cloud & Internet of Things is changing the world
From 16:00 to 19:00 at SCC Restaurant, Waldschulallee 45, 14055 Berlin

In cooperation with ReDI teaching coding skills to create job opportunities and economic empowerment for refugees: Introduction and Talent Scouting Event for Refugees from Cisco Experts

Keywords: IoT, Data Center, Cloud via Cisco Germany: Monique Morrow, Claus Schaale, Patrick Schmidt, Ken Owens

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Academy Day
8:30 – 18:15 at CityCube, Messedamm 22 (South entrance), Berlin – CL Plenary Session, Room A6

Leading innovators and Networking Academy partners talking about how technology changes the way we work, live, play and learn. Listen to the pitches of the Hack-a-thon teams presenting their prototypes of IoE solutions.

Keywords: Education, Future Skills, IoE via Cisco Networking Academy Germany: Carsten Johnson, Tobias Köppel


At and around Cisco Live – Cisco’s premier education and training destination for IT professionals worldwide
Messe Berlin GmbH, Messedamm 22 (South entrance), D-14055 Berlin

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Follow us and become part of the Digital Extension –
share your experience, comments and feedback

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Further Resources
Why we need a digital agenda
Wanted: a generation of global problem solvers @ World Economic Forum
Infographic Global Problem Solvers
First Refugee Response Center


The three largest Networking Academies in Germany
G18 Hamburg  –  OSZ IMT  –  MMBbS 

A Plus Video What’s Your Biggest Regret?    3:25

WTF is a Hackathon

#AlleHelfenJetzt @eskills4jobs @eskillsgrowthEU #DigitalVenice @CiscoEMEAR @Cisco_Germany

This was the Nordics & Baltics NETACAD CONFERENCE 2015

Thanks to everyone for coming to Stockholm. I really enjoyed meeting with all of you.

Thanks to our host Bosse and his team Helen and Hamada from Thorildsplans Gymnasium for all the energy they put into organizing and holding the conference.

Special applause goes to the 3 instructors who took part in the ITQ (results will be out in about a month only).

blog1 blog2


Future of Skills – Piotr Pluta, CSR Cisco Systems

Internet of Everything – Ulrika Van Helvoort Andersson, Cisco Systems Sweden

NetAcad in Nordics & Baltics – Karol Kniewald, CSR Cisco Systems

Expectations to Atea’s future employees – Bjorn Andersson Wallin, Cisco Gold Partner Atea

Best Practice Examples
> Students Motivation– Jelena Revzina
> Do not fear the darkness – Ashraf Hamadi, Student at Thorildsplans Gymnasium
Network Challenge – Joakim Wangborn, Malardalen University
Crossing borders – Katja Mölsa, Thorildsplans Gymnasium

Technical Update – Eugene Mozorov, NetAcad Technical Manager


New NetAcad Courses Opening Doors – Jutta Jerlich, CSR Cisco Systems

Continuing after Networking Academy – Anders Oxelcrantz, Cisco Learning Partner Fastlane

Q&A – Jutta Jerlich, CSR Cisco Systems


Lets us know your feedback.


Looking forward to continuing the conversation with you …

Bosse Lindborg & Jutta Jerlich
Conference Organizers




Fear the invisible

Written by: Ashraf Hamadi
Studying IT in Thorildsplans Gymnasium Stockholm, Sweden

moos+stein2Its remarkable today what kind of power you have just under your fingertips. I discovered this in an early stage. As a young boy I was fascinated about how one could gain access to another one’s computer and remotely use it. That discovery opened my eyes to the real definition of the internet. The features on the internet that are visible for us are just a diminutive part I thought. Opening a webpage or calling your loved one on skype are example of those “visible” things, the things that you deliberately do. But the internet is far greater than that.

Right now there are more than 3.0 Billion people connected to each other through the Internet. This means that more than 35% of the world’s population can go out on the internet, share knowledge, learn new stuff and spend some free time, but just as the internet has opened the world for each and every one of us, it has also opened up each and every one of us to the world. That means that the price for us to pay for us to stay connected is our privacy. I discovered that recently when I was asked to work on a 100 hour high school assignment which is meant to be a proof that the student is prepared for higher education or for work in a specific occupation.

What frightened me was the thought that we are constantly leaving our names, our birthdays and even our credit card information out on the internet, whether it’s regarding Facebook, PayPal or eBay. Seeing all this gave me a thought. I thought that the people should be warned, they should be feared of leaving such information in a wide and invisible place. So I thought that the best way to demonstrate it, is by creating a Trojan virus and infecting a PC to prove that without any hacking knowledge and limited programing knowledge you can steal private information without being noticed.

This resulted in me a 18 year old IT student learning python and creating a python program that could record your keystrokes and take pictures of your screen and invisibly send all the logs to a webserver accessed by only me. I was shocked to what I had accomplished and how easy it was to find all the research necessary. Therefore I feel its my obligation to in the best way I can, spread the word, and spread the truth that the invisible must be feared, because it gathering information about you and someday that information can be used against you.


You want to hear more from Ashraf Hamadi?

Come and meet him at The Nordics & Baltics NETACAD CONFERENCE 2015

taking place at the Thorildsplans Gymnasium Assembly Hall on 28th and 29th of May 2015



Nordics & Baltics NETACAD CONFERENCE 2015

We are looking forward to welcoming you at this year’s Academy Conference for all Instructors and Contacts from Academies located in Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.

The event will be over two half days, starting the 28th of May in the afternoon and ending after lunch on the 29th May.2015 – the participation is free.

If you want to do the ITQ, please send an email to Eugene Morozov emorozov@cisco.com


We have an exciting agenda for you at this year’s Instructor Conference

  • Internet of Everything session led by your Cisco Sweden Team
  • Community building to share experiences, challenges and best practice
  • Dinner event where you can connect with other instructors

We are looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm and connecting with you.

Kind regards,

Jutta Jerlich
Cisco Networking Academy

Bo Lindborg
Conference Organizer


The event is taking place at the Thorildsplans Gymnasium Assembly Hall located on the ground floor of the main building.
Thorildsplans Gymnasium, Drottningholmsvägen 82, 112 43 Stockholm
Phone: 08-508 43 500   info.thn@stockholm.se

Nordics Baltics Conference 2015 Agenda

Hotel Information



IoT Case studies

Introduction to IoE in Networking Academy

IoE podcast for NetAcad members (link works when you are logged in)
Host: Jeremy Creech, Cisco Networking Academy Program
Dan Alberghetti, Central Oregon Community College
Rodrigo Floriano, United States
Bernadette O’Brien, RPI-Schenectady
Bob Vachon, Cambrian College in Sudbury, Canada


2nd Day @Hackathon Milan

Cisco IoE Hackathon, Day 2
— with Alexandru Radovici from Wyliodrin


Six teams of Italian students  comprise of designers, engineer and programmers accepted the challenge to build an IoE based solution addressing the challenges Education faces. Regular expert check-ins with professionals focusing on hardware, software, programming, business modelling and collaboration support the teams from the ideation phase to the prototyping and idea pitching tomorrow.

The Start of the IoE Hackthon was right after the ending of the Academy Day at the Cisco LIVE in Milan where almost 1500 students followed the agenda with the focus on

Imagination, Creativity and Innovation for a Better World
How the Internet of Everything can make the world a better place?

Netacad students can self-enrol to the Introduction to IoE course

Quite a challenge … but if it was so easy … that does not deter us.

High energy and motivation keeps us going!

We will keep you posted …


Introduction to IoE



Become a Networking Academy

IT Nuggets @AINAC 2014

The IT Nuggets Workshops have become a fixed requirement in the agenda of a Networking Academy Day in Austria.  For NetAcad Instructors it is the one and only time every year to personally speak and discuss technical questions with members from the Technical Team. This is one of the main reasons they participate.

The Austrian Community wants to thank Bogdan Doina and Giuseppe Cinque for their invaluable contribution to the Networking Academy Days. Until next year!

Bogdan2013Here is Bogdan`s Review and Resource Package:

Thank you for your invitation to AINAC. It was a very successful event and I look forward to your implementation of the clear take-aways from the IT Nugget workshops into your classrooms.

It was fun playing the game and I found our discussions afterwards very affirmative and productive. I welcome opportunities to collaborate with you and would like to expand the dissemination of the game inside your communities.

Conquer the Network

Extra resources requested by Instructors @NetSpace:

I enjoyed the IoE keynote and your great feedback and want to refer you to following materials:

IoE Vision –  Value at Stake

Please note that the resources are located in NetSpace where you will need to login.
Educators and instructors new to the Cisco Networking Academy Program please contact jjerlich@cisco.com or your local academy program manager in your region.

Looking forward to continue working with you and meeting you in one of the numerous instructor activities we run on a continuous basis. See you again next year!

Retrospect AINAC 2014

More than 200 educators participated in the Austria International Networking Conference from 4. to 6.3.2014 at the FH Technikum Wien in Vienna. The focus topic was the practical use of mobile gadgets in class. Exams in a digital environment, central assessment and data security were in the center of discussion for the last 3 days.


The event program was designed around today´s media society and the change in teaching and learning. Questions discussed were ranging from “Can you teach a class with less than 140 characters – in a Twitter format – to the presentation of learning materials in the form of a game, with the aim to again be able to engage students in activities that make them learn. This may sound like an easy task. Gamification – yes, there is a term for this – is not easy at all but apparently the recipe for waking up unmotivated students.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo be able to really understand how something works, you  need to experience it yourself.  Said and done: Bogdan Doina from the Technical Team of the Cisco Networking Academy created the game “Conquer the Network” and played it with the Austrian instructors. Our instructors played the game with passion and the feedback was great from all sides. Facit: The game will be used in class. We are looking forward to feedback from you and your students.

The News from Cisco Networking Academy answers the question “Why do power grids need to become smart?”. Carsten Johnson reported about the project group developing a Smart Grid Curriculum in Germany. Cisco Austria is in preparation of a integrated Smart Power Grid solution: Mikel Gindy leads a pilot project with Salzburg AG and the University of Applied Science in Salzburg researching a technical solution that will be the first of its kind on the globe. Thomas Sommer from FH Technikum Wien introduced us to the overal picture of smart power grids and their characteristics.

We are very happy to not have to say Good Bye until next year. We will continue to update you at  www.ainac.at and hope to win some of you to be part of the team leading this initiative.

We want to thank all participants, the Austrian Ministry of Education and all companies that made the 14. AINAC a success.

March is bringing AINAC

AINAC_ticketNetworking Academy Conference brings together IT and Network educators from Austria and beyond

It is already the 14. AINAC – Austrian International Networking Academy Conference – which will take place from Tuesday 4. until Thursday 6. March 2014 at FH Technikum Wien. The event, organized by the Cisco Networking Academy Community and the Ministry of Education is dedicated to “Mobile Learning Companions” in all educational scenarios imaginable.

The Technical Team of Cisco Networking Academy brings new IT Knowledge Nuggets and will show that learning about networks can be fun. There will be more opportunity to understand and experience with topics like … Smart Grid, IP Telefony and Security, Cloud, Apps for teaching Mathematics, … . Another highlight will be the first market presentation for the Smart Amp Collaborative Software – a solution allowing to connect a variety of different devices to a collaborative workspace for students to work together and for teachers to upload lesson material and conduct real-time assessments – which will be released on 1st of April 2014.

We are very happy, under the lead of SC Dr. Christian Dorninger from the BM:UKK, to welcome Andre Richier from the European Commission who will address educators about the eSkills shortage Europe is facing.

Next Steps:

1. Check out the program and register at www.ainac.at

2. Block the date in your calender: Tuesday 4. March 2014 to Thursday 6. March 2014
2. Termin im Kalender eintragen: FH Technikum Wien, 6 Höchstädtplatz, 1200 Wien

3. Plan your trip to Vienna


eSkill Shortage in Europe


Networking Academy Austria

Last Minute – CiscoLIVE free for NetAcad students

New: Cisco Live Academy Day

Bringing together leading industry and academic visionaries from Cisco, and Professors from Osservatori ICT & Management of Politecnico di Milano to discuss the future of internet technologies and how they will change the world and the way we work, live, play and learn.

Join Academy Day on January 27 from 10h to 17h

If  you are in Milan, sign up here to attend the free live event

Not in Italy? Watch the event live online by connecting to the Cisco Live website on the 27th.
You can register and create your Cisco Live account right now.

Time Description
10:00 Welcome: The future starts here.
10:10 The Network
11:50 Changing the way we work
14:00 Keep your mind wide open
14:15 Cloud Computing
14:35 Cyber Security and emerging threats
14:55 Changing the way we live – Smart+Connected Communities and the Internet of Everything
15:30 Internet of Everything
16:15 Wrap up

Sincerely hope that you can make it on such a short notice.

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