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Summer News – CCNA 5.1 is here

We hope that the summer had a lot of relaxing time to recharge your batteries for all of you and the start into a new semester and school year takes off with a momentum:


Our NetSpace team heard all of your input and feedback, thought about it and created CCNA 5.1 “the best CCNA ever” … statement from the German community.

What is the change?

Parts of the very demanding content was moved to the appendix, repetitions were deleted, explanatory video material was added and the supporting instructor materials were updated and improved.

LINKS to drill down into the details

The News and Events post includes the availability of the CCNA R&S ITN 5.1 Overview and the CCNA R&S 5.03 and CCNA R&S 5.1 Announcement ‚Äď A recording outlining the curriculum enhancements
One more place to check Instructor Resource Spotlight

profile-image-display.jspaHere is an explanation from Eugene Morozov [22 min] Technical Manager on the NetAcad Team.

<<<< yes, this recording includes the invitation and details to the IPD week from 28th of September to 1st of October 2015 where the new features of CCNA 5.1. will be one of the topics.

What is the IPD week? IPD stands for Instructor Professional Development and you can self-enrol to this course, letting you have access to lots of instructor resources, learn about how other instructors use the course materials and much more.

This recording covers the updates to CCNA R&S curriculum.

CCNA R&S 5.03 update is the migration of the courses content to a new improved learning environment.

CCNA R&S ITN 5.1 update – Introduction to Networks course content have been reorganized and improved to address many concerns shared by instructor community.

Overview of the tools that can be used for planning and delivering courses includes:

– Instructor Resource Spotlight
– IPGs (Instructor Planning Guides)
– Activity Maps
– Teaching Best Practices
– Global IPD Week
– New course environment and content


Let us know if there are any issues or questions and contact your AAM or Technical Manager.

Happy to get in contact with you through your comments here as well ūüôā

Have a great rest of the summer and come back rejuvenated

Jutta Jerlich, Eugene Morozov



NetAcad Partner Summit 2015

DUE TO SECURITY REASONS the location and date of the Partner Summit changed

Rome, 28-29 October 2015


Cisco Networking Academy Program is successfully helping education institutions, instructors and students for more than 15 years. This success is possible thanks to Partners of Cisco Networking Academy. You, as Academy Support Centers and Instructor Training Centers, are critical for our success.

We are inviting our NetAcad Partners to join us for sharing best practice, discussing the roadmap ahead and inspiring you with new ideas to come.

Where?     Sheraton Rome

We look forward to meeting you in Rome Cisco NetAcad Hackathon

Registration- due to agenda change, please do re-comfirm your registration


See you there …


… check out the conference topics and materials from previous Partner Summits

NetAcad Partner Summit 2014 Barcelona РConference materials 

NetAcad Partner Summit 2013 Berlin – Conference materials


Who is behind the Partner Advocacy Email?

Have you ever visited the ASC and ITC Community on NetSpace?

Do you know the people sending you information from Partner Advocacy?

Friday 12. Dec 2014 the ASC and ITC Newsletter was delivered into your email box. This is the voice of Kara Sullivan and Lance Anderson who want to equip you with tools and resources to support your academies. They want to keep you up to date with new developments, ask for your opinion, point you to the right places Рand be available for you Рin the NetSpace community for questions and issues.


Kara will be spending her holiday season at her home in Dallas, Texas. She will be spending Christmas day with her family eating fried turkey and cornbread, and watching college football, all while enjoying a few seasonal craft ales. A few items on her holiday wish list are a new desk, a robot that can make and deliver coffee to her new desk, and most importantly for the Dallas Cowboys to make it into the playoffs!







This holiday season Lance will be spending time with his wife, son, and daughter in Phoenix, Arizona where he will enjoy his favorite traditions — drinking eggnog and singing along to re-runs of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. On his holiday wish list Lance is asking for a new desk chair, a portable Bluetooth speaker, and a new Academy Locator tool in NetSpace.

If you have a holiday wish list regarding problems with any of the tools, processes, or any suggestions about improvement on how we can better support your operations as an ASC or ITC, please come to the community or contact us directly at lancande(at)cisco.com and karsulli(at)cisco.com.

Happy Holidays to you and your families and please send some snow our way!

Warm regards,

Kara and Lance

Lance and Kara

Kickstarting IT Skills with Linux Essentials

LPI_Essentials_logoCome Learn About the New NDG Linux Essentials Course

Dear ASC and ITC Partners,
Dear Instructors,

A new course is available for you to teach:  Linux Essentials
Developed by our partners NDG

You and your colleagues are invited to attend our Webinar on the benefits of teaching Linux Essentials, both for you and your students, presented by Rich Weeks from NDG. Even if you are already teaching with Linux content, this is an opportunity to see how you can make it more fun.

We have two time slots available before Christmas

Wednesday, December 17 from 16:00 to 17:00     REGISTER here

Thursday, December 18  from 12:00 to 13:00        REGISTER here

We will offer more dates in the new year, the dates will be posted as soon as we have them scheduled.

Why Should I Attend this Webinar?

  • ICT disciplines are finding value in Linux expertise and it is a great complement to networking.
  • Linux content can be challenging to teach and learn.
  • Hearing from instructors and students who found great success in the small market trial of the course.
  • … seeing a demo and being able to ask question and chat with others is always¬†kickstarting ideas.

What Is Special About the New Linux Course?

  1. The course outline aligns with the LPI.ORG Linux Essentials Certificate.
  2. The NetSpace learning environment has lessons, quizzes and assessments for high school and college.
  3. Students use virtual machines, which reduces tech support required.
  4. Material is aligned chapter by chapter with national education standards (STEM et al).
  5. Your students will add marketable job skills to their resume.

Looking forward to meeting you

Ana Vujasin, Eugene Morozov, Bogdan Doinea, Jutta Jerlich, Karol Kniewald, Nargiz Omarbekova

NetAcad Partner Summit 2014

Barcelona, 22-23 October 2014


The success of the Cisco Networking Academy Program would not be possible without the valued commitment of  YOU, the  Networking Academy Partners. YOU, as Academy Support Centers and Instructor Training Centers, are critical for our success.

We are inviting our Cisco Networking Academy Partners to join us for sharing best practice, discussing the roadmap ahead and inspiring you with new ideas to come.

We look forward to meeting you in Barcelona Cisco’s pilot city for Smart and Connected Communities and Internet of Everything.


Last year Berlin was a lot of fun … if you could not join us 2013, check out the conference topics and materials
Conference Materials NetAcad Partner Summit 2013

This is the agenda this year.


See you there …

Education with a future

HTL SpengergasseSpengergasse
Cisco Academy Spengergasse (CA, ASC, ITC)

By a generous donation of equipment from “Austrian Lotteries” we now have the opportunity to provide each student even in large classes their own router or switch during the lab hours. In the security area, we are able to offer in most classes each student a separate firewall during the exercises. By adaptations in the training profile, we are now able that each student in the Day School Computer Science complete all four parts of the CCNA program and furthermore the CCNAS program.

Last summer, both the conversion of the Academy Connection to Netspace and the transition from curriculum “Exploration” to the new curriculum “Routing&Switching” was performed, so that only a few classes must be taught in the old curriculum to complete (this classes complete the last part “Accessing the WAN”), all other classes were converted to Routing & Switching and currently run the “Bridging phase” parallel to the new curricula.

Some statements from our students

“The Cisco Network Academy program of HTL Spengergasse is a great addition to the school lessons, because students are forced to study on their own and gain experience through professional resources. The instructors are doing a perfect job, because they are helping whenever there is a need to do so and students are more motivated in studying.”
Freim√ľller Michael

“The cisco academy program provides me a great opportunity to increase my personal and technical knowledge. In addition beside the classroom training the new learning platform offers many tools and information to gain a comprehensive understanding of the networking basics and more specialized paths in a very modern way. This overall educational aim is to train the technicians of the future ‚Äď and this will be my class and I.”
Herkel Dominik

“Cisco has helped me a lot in the past few years in the HTL Spengergasse. First of all, the cisco program made it a lot easier for me, to understand networking, and get an idea of how it is about. Furthermore, the materials gave me a good overview of the things I would learn in the future. Another nice fact was the cisco packet tracer. Because of the lack of time in the school-labours, it was a good alternative, where you can practice in learning to configure networks, and this helped me a lot “
Gwiasda Stefanie

“My class started doing the Cisco networking academy when we entered the second year. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much interest in the networking branch, so I did the first course with little interest. During the first year, I grew more and more interested in networking due to the exercises in the Cisco courses and the learning materials which were available online. Whenever I forgot anything during class, I preferred to refer to the Cisco learning materials instead of online materials, because of the correctness and easy understanding of the information.”
Bamgbala Abideen

Many thanks at this point has to be given to Dr. Klaus Coufal for his motivation and engagement for and in the Networking Academy at HTL Spengergasse for more today than a decade !

Foto above: Inauguration Celebration at HTL Spengergasse on October 5, 2012
Dr. Klaus Coufal (HTL Spengergasse), Dr. DI. Dr. Georg Bruckner (HTL Spengergasse),
Minister of Education Dr. Claudia Schmied (Austrian Ministry of Education, Art & Culture),
Mag. Christian Fugina (Cisco Austria),
Headmaster Mag. Wolfgang Hickel (HTL Spengergasse).

More Mobile Phone Access Than Toothbrushes

Technical Team Giuseppe… this quote from Google is one of the signs for the developments of more and more things connecting to the Internet and forming the small but steadily growing Internet of things. Giuseppe Cinque is the visionary leader of the Technical Team¬† supporting a large instructor community educating our youth about the technology behind the Internet and inspiring them to develop and form the solutions and applications of the future.

This topic is part of the agenda educators and leaders from Academy Support Centers and Instructor Training Centers from the Cisco Networking Academy are discussing at Cisco`s offices in Bedford Lakes in London on 20. and 21. 11..2013.

It will be crucial to find a way to interest and inspire our youth – especially our young girls and women – to be part of this development and make sure that technological possible solutions also have the societal value that is needed to solve today¬īs problems and challenges.

Netacad Partner Summit 2013
Cisco Networking Academy

Internet of Things World Forum

At the Site of Action

Am Spieltisch

ASC Meeting = Exchange thoughts, bundles forces and be able to do more together

IT-Bildungsnetz, the association of ASC Academy Support Center of the Networking Academy in Germany invited to the ASC-DACH-Meeting (Academy-Support-Center-Conference for the regions Germany, Austria and Switzerland) to come to Berlin. Meeting locations was a site of action.

At one of the sites: at the OSZ IMT – the Oberstufenzentrum f√ľr Informations- und Medizintechnik in Berlin, a Networking Akademie with more than 1.000 students and very soon their own accredited Pearson VUE test center where students can do their Cisco CCNA exams.

Lecture visits showed impressively what students at the OSZ learn and most importantly how it is taught. Enough impulses for exchange of experiences.

The meeting fosters exchange of information and experiences while at the same time allowing the identification of potential cooperation capacity. The diverse nature of requirements and possibilities of an ASC in the Cisco Networking Academy Program needs a competent and efficient handling of tools, ingraining and positioning their own activities in the complex system of the NetAcads. The conference program offered diverse topics as well as possibilities for discussion and thought exchange.

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