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Who is behind #MMBbSHack17

Interview with David Brett

David Brett MMBbSDavid is the driving force behind the MMBbS-Hackathon 2017. After participating in 4 #netacadde Hackathons, he was fully hooked and decided to run his own.  With the huge support and encouragement from Joachim Maiß and Joachim Kemmries from the MMBbS Hannover, it is already clear that more Hackathons will follow.

David and his colleague Andre Neumann used 6 months of solid preparation time which resulted in an extended 4-day Hackathon planned down to the last detail. ” … and therefore running very smoothly” says participating expert Jochen Berbuer, experienced in Hackathons himself.

It started on Monday 15.05.2017. Six teams identified
< Pollution > < City Security > < People > < Rubbish > < Shopping > < Traffic > as their group topics within the overall theme „Living in an Urban Environment“.


Digital Integration

#benetacad @CiscoNetAcad @ReDISchool #AlleHelfenJetzt

Initiatives with IMPACT

The ReDI – SCHOOL OF DIGITAL INTEGRATION offers basic and advanced coding classes for refugees. With their TechTalk series they offer companies the opportunity to present their technologies and job requirements.

#5 TechTalk // Cisco Technologies


“The changing landscape of a digitized world”
Monique Morrow, CTO-Evangelist – New Frontiers for Development-Engineering, Cisco

“Building a new architecture for the Internet of Things world”
Claus Schaale, Cloud leader, Cisco Datacenter EMEAR

“Market landscape – Datacenter opportunities in Europe”
Patrick Schmidt, Managing Director Sales, Cisco EMEAR Data Center & Virtualization

“Cisco, Cloud, the Universe and everything else”
Vallard Benincosa, Software Solutions Architect and Bryan Osoro, Director Systems Engineering, Cisco

Take aways

  • Big picture of ICT industry and how the market is evolving
  • ICT players in the industry and the new opportunities arising
  • What are the technologies and coding languages to focus on
  • Where to look for opportunities

After the session there is an opportunity to discuss further on a personal level.

A fascinating evening …



The syrian film maker Firas al-Shater lives in Berlin since two and a half years. He believes that integration will work.
Why? He dared an experiment …
Who are those Germans?

The initiative „all are helping now“ connects refugee projects with companies in Berlin.

Refugees on Rail support volunteers, conduct courses and workshop for refugees in several cities in Europe.



Ai Weiwei’s latest installation has 14,000 life vests at Berlin concert house


Talent Connection Events – Belgium Edition 2015

Based on the event report from Karen Silverton

Talent Connection Events are a great way to connect Cisco Partners with incredibly enthusiastic young job seekers, students or graduates from Cisco Networking Academies.

image_gallery2 image_gallery

For Cisco Partners looking for IT Talents it is also a great possibility to discuss hires made the previous year and the positive results received. It is an opportunity to start building a talent pipeline. We are happy to hear about the appreciation to Cisco and Cisco Networking Academy for taking action in such a format.

Arie Van Duijn, Cisco Networking Academy Program Manager, is building the bridge to educators and their students from Networking Academies. Before the event the candidates were given the opportunity to prove their technical ability by doing a packet tracer on-line exam, using the same system used to identify NetRiders winners. The winner received training vouchers from Fast Lane, our Learning Partner.

The local partners that came to the event were:
BT, Proximus, Dimension Data, Fast Lane, Data Flow, Orange, Techdata, Devoteam, Cofely Quentris, NRB Demelenne, Spot IT and Cameo Global.

Some feedback from our partners:

  • Dataflow : “We were really positive about the event, I’m sure we will hire some of the people that were present that day”
  • BT : “I had great feedback around the organization from my colleagues! We are sill reviewing some CV’s and have identified 2 people who are invited for interviews”
  • Cofely Quentris : “We have had good contacts with a few people who shall be further screened”

Our thanks for making this possible goes to: Ken Vanthielen, Arie Van Duijn, Karen Silverton

Contact us for more possibilities to connect you with new IT talents

IoE idea discussion at Talent Connection Event in Stockholm


European Cybersecurity Challenge

ablauf2015_klMost countries lack sufficient IT security professionals to protect their IT infrastructure. To help mitigate this problem, many of them setup national cyber security competitions for finding young cyber talents and for encouraging them to pursue a career in cyber security.

The European Cyber Security Challenge leverages these competitions with a pan European layer to them:

The top cyber talents from each country meet to network and collaborate and finally compete against each other
to determine which country has the best cyber talents.

To find out who’s countries team is the best, contestants have to solve security related tasks from domains such as web security, mobile security, crypto puzzles, reverse engineering and forensics and collect points for solving them.

The competition is organized jointly in collaboration with experienced organizations from EU Member States for students. The Organizing Committee of the 1st pan-European Cyber Security Challenge is composed of the following representatives:

Who can participate?

Participants selected by their country’s organization responsible for running the ECSC qualification. In 2015, the following countries can assemble and send a team:

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom.

The selected participants should be the top participants from the national challenge and must meet the following criteria:

– They are between 14 and 30 years old
– They are a citizen of the county for which they participate or they live or study there
– They do not (yet) have a master degree or similar
– They do not have a higher education related to cyber security
(e.g., Certified Ethical Hacker, Bachelor in Forensics, …)

Team composition and categories

Teams consist of two (max. 3) coaches/staff members and a maximum of ten (10) contestants from two categories: Junior and Senior. The senior category might not contain more than five (5) members.

Junior: Between 14 and 20 years old
Senior: Between 20 and 30 years old

What are you waiting for?
Join in!


Enisa Pan-european Cybersecurity Competition

Read all details about the European Challenge

Introduction to CyberSecurity Cisco Networking Academy


Talent – IoE Ideas – Connection

A few impressions from our Partner Talent Connection event at Cisco Stockholm

fullHouse   workgroup pres1 workgroup pres2   partner speed dating

We started with a brief Introduction to the Internet of Everything IoE followed by a workshop breaking up in several groups discussing IoE ideas – the most often mentioned ideas circled around solutions for the traffic in Stockholm. It was inspiring to see how young Networking Academy students took the opportunity to present their ideas in front of the auditorium. It was a great experience to be part of this connection formed between all participants and the Cisco Partners involved.

Cisco Sweden is determined to do more: a partnership with SUP46 – Stockholm’s home for entrepreneurs – and Dreamhack – a Hackathon for games – are a proof that going beyond traditional learning formats is building the skills industry needs.

We want to thank more than 70 of you to come and meet the Cisco Sweden team and our partenrs ATEA AB, TDC Sverige AB, Cygate ABNetwork services and Commsec in our Stockholm office.

Elin Khosrawi Enmark, Johan Ahlm, Anders Johansson Tapper

Har du koll på Internet of Everything?

Students came from amongst others Thorildsplans Gymnasium, KTH, Chalmers, Iftac, Halmstadt University Mälardalen University

Internet of Things i var mans mun

fingerspitzengefuehl_closeupHar du koll på Internet of Everything?

The Internet of Things is a topic that affects everyone more and more in our everyday life. It allows processes to run in more efficient ways and makes completely new services possible. It is a complex topic that is understood differently depending on your context and industry. The basic technologies are Networking Technologies.

At the upcoming Talent Connection Event on 4 Februari 2015 the Internet of Things will be the topic of discussion with Cisco Representatives, Cisco Partners and young talent interested in working in the Cisco Ecosystem. You will be able to meet experts from following companies

Cisco Technologies change the way people work, live, play and learn. Your professional skills, creativity and passion are essential to master the challenges our economies and societies face in this change.

Join us on Feb 4, 2015 in the Stockholm office

The event is in Swedish.

Agenda and Registration

Looking forward to personally meeting you in Stockholm on Feb 4, 2015

Jutta Jerlich


Anders Johansson Tapper, Cisco Sweden, about Smart Cities
Follow Cisco Sweden on social media
IoT World Forum Young Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge
You are Cisco Networking Academy Alumni? Claim your Life Time Access to NetSpace

Young Talent learning from Cisco Engineers

Dominik HerkelCisco Unified Access Workshop

I  am Dominik Herkel, a member of the Cisco Top Talent Club initiative. Therefore I was given the chance to listen to a very interesting and future driven workshop, directly presented by a member of Cisco Systems Austria. Martin Rosensteiner, a Systems Engineer, taught us the important networking technologies and designs of tomorrow.

We discussed the pros and cons of a modern wireless architecture and how vital and critical a well-planned wireless network is for overall business success. Then we got some information about the wireless products, e.g. Cisco Aironet Access Points and Cisco Wireless Controllers, which comply with actual standards and specifications.

The wireless portfolio led us to another important aspect, which comes up with a unified access and converged infrastructure. So we learned a lot about the new Cisco switching products and how they are connected to the rest of an advanced network.

The last topic of our workshop was the cloud managed component of Cisco’s wireless products and how they are positioned on the market. This was a special interest of mine, because for me it was very important to know in which case a cloud managed wireless solution fits better than a traditional one.

At the end of the presentation, Martin discussed with us the term Software Defined Networking (SDN) and how it could be integrated today, as well as in the future into companies and governments all over the globe.

A great thanks to Martin Rosensteiner!

Dominik Herkel


Cisco Top Talent Club Austria




More than a bridge from industry to education

Taking part in shaping the workforce and gain a competitive advantage with early access to their future IT talent is an alliance indispensable for success.

SUCCESS FACTOR: Collaboration NTS and Cisco Networking Academy FH St.Pölten


Interview with Beatrix Ortner by Jutta Jerlich, Cisco Networking Academy Program Management Austria

What is the relationship between NTS and Cisco Networking Academies?

We closely work with Cisco Networking Academies in several locations in Austria connecting with students during their studies at the academies. We are looking for people with knowledge in the area of Voice, Data Center and Networking Technology.

NTS is closely working with the University of Applied Science FH St.Pölten because they have a strong Cisco focus in their study program. The students at FH St.Pölten usually come from HTL Spengergasse or HTL Rennweg which are among the most renowned Cisco Networking Academies in Austria.

The interaction between the academy and NTS encompasses a close relationship between NTS HR and the manager of the Cisco Networking Academy FH St.Pölten, the offer for a three months internship at NTS to students as well as an exchange of thought between NTS and the Cisco Networking Academy FH St.Pölten about the development of the curricula towards topics needed in the market, such as for example voice and data center knowledge.

Foto4The NTS Trainee Program

Studies at a University of Applied Sciences in Austria have the requirement to complete a three months professional internship with a company during their Bachelor-studies. This three months internship is offered to students from the FH St.Pölten. There is no more recruitment or advertising of the internship positions needed because of the close contact resulting in students being selected on a very direct and personal level.

At NTS the three months internship is called trainee program and about 3 to 4 trainees are taken every year. When the students start at NTS, they get a mentor assigned based on their topic of interest. They have the support of this mentor also for a project they have to complete for their studies. At the same time they work with customers from their first day onwards.

During the three months it is easily possible to see if the young talent has the required knowledge and attitude as well as if there is a cultural fit. In return the intern can see if NTS is a company he or she wants to work for. The experience is that all trainees are being offered employment, accept it and stay in the company.

If the students do want to continue their Master studies for another two years. NTS offers them to work part-time for 20 hours and 100% employment after they complete their Masters.

Can you describe the impact this had on NTS?

Due to the closeness to the Cisco Networking Academies NTS is able to plan with and rely on a talent pipeline for their company development plan. The key factors are:

  • Very high (almost 100%) employee retention rate
    We have almost no loss of employees, they enjoy their work. Giving our young talents responsibilities and valuing their contribution leads them paying back double.
  • Almost doubled the size of the company in 3 years
    NTS managed to grow the company from about 80 employees to almost double the number today in only 3 years.
  • Have an open company culture with motivated people and a constant new technology inflow
    The motivation of the young people is worth a whole lot for NTS. They are open for new ideas and new topics. They also bring new skills into the teams that are very important for the overall development of the company.

We include FH St.Poelten into our development plan, we could not achieve our company goals without them.

Are there other ways you engage with education and society?

NTS is engaging in the new initiative of Cisco Austria and Cisco Networking Academy Austria, the Top Talent Club Austria. Since there were not yet any female applicants for the NTS trainee program, NTS want to support women coming into IT. Therefore NTS and the FH St.Pölten, initiated and supported by the Cisco Networking Academy Program Management Austria, are in the process of designing a program and/or initiative supporting und mentoring female students already during their studies to keep them motivated to actually finish their studies.

There is also an initiative being designed that should help the FH St.Pölten to attract more female students to their study programs.

NTS – CISCO GOLD PARTNER in AUSTRIA www.nts.eu The Company was founded 19 years ago by Herr Albler and Herr Koller in Graz, Austria. The collaboration and early engagement with Networking Academy Students is and has been instrumental for building a pipeline of highly qualified and motivated young talents for their company development.

Germany: National IT Skills Competition

DM-IT_FieteBoernerThe aim of the WorldSkills Germany IT Network Technology Competition is to identify and reward the best IT network professionals in the PC industry. However, WorldSkills Germany also provides valuable support to vocational training, and bridges the gap between business, politics and the public.

Countrywide, Cisco academies organize regional preliminaries and the 16 people who qualified went on to participate in the Federal competition. The competition included 4 disciplines:

  • Linux operating System
  • Microsoft Server administration
  • Networking Skills
  • Presentation and Communication.

A number of stakeholders joined forces to support the competition: Cisco, the Ministry of Education, the Linux Professional Institute, Computacenter, the chamber of Commerce in Neubrandenburg and the public vocational training center in the city. The jury members were a group of vocational training teachers and vocational trainers from private companies.

The overall winner was Simon Stamm from Hannover. Simon will join the German EuroSkills team to compete for medals at the EuroSkills competition in Lille, France on the 2 – 4 October 2014. He will also  represent the country at the WorldSkills competition in Sao Paulo in August 2015.

For further information please visit the following link (German only) or contact Carsten Johnson.

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