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PT Challenge going live

Packet Tracer

Foto: Max Offensberger

What is PT?

These abbreviations …  really hard for people who are not in this Techie World yet. It is just like a independent language, people you are new to this world just do not understand.

A shame because we actually need them in this world IT Skill Gap, and it will be hard to inspire people to open this door.

The Packet Tracer is such a door !

It is very easy to enter the world of Networking Technology – using the Packet Tracer 7.0 –  and see your learning progress fast.

This format is for educators and learners.

Check it out.

Inspirational regards



Here is your invitation

Hello team,
One of the goals of our Learning R&D team is to do rapid experimentation, including research, in time bound projects. This is why we are launching the Packet Tracer Challenge on Facebook.

We have recognized the natural tendency and popularity of PT users posting their solutions in social media spaces and we’d like to support them and give this engagement visible to infect others to use PT 7.0 for their learning.

The challenge will run December 1-15 in English only and will be solely managed within Facebook.

I encourage you to join the page and review the solutions from students once they begin posting, and Like or Comment on any of the entries.

Special appreciation goes to Bob Schoenherr for his creative support and the entire team for inspiring experts to be our judges.

We look forward to researching the results of this experiment and how this drives motivation.





Packet Tracer Challenge on Facebook


Cisco Packet Tracer Know How

Your NetAcad Membership is the Cisco Packet Tracer License

Packet Tracer
Packet Tracer Know How –
a one hour guided tour

Packet Tracer 101 is a 1 hour course showing you and your learners how to use Packet Tracer and turn it into your learning tool.

The course is designed for self learning and available in English only.

The course is your entry ticket to working with Packet Tracer and a must on your pathway into the IT world.

You want to check out the course?

The Link is found on NetSpace in the section of our Community Developed Courses.

Mobility Fundamentals Series

Many of you know Bogdan Doinea, now Cisco Systems Engineer for IoE, prior Technical Manager in the Networking Academy, who might have become a dear friend for you as well as for me, is the expert and guide through this topic. He walks the learner through the evolution of wireless communications and explains the standards and technologies enabling the mobile phenomenon that impacts the societies today.


Module 1: Wireless Technologies and Standards

Estimated Time: 1.5 hour
Prerequisites: ITE, CCENT, or equivalent knowledge
Languages: English
Instructor-Led Option: No

The Mobility Fundamentals Series provides an introduction to mobility technologies & applications including: wireless technology concepts, wireless LAN design, mobility applications, and configuration & troubleshooting. A foundational knowledge of mobility and wireless technologies are essential components in the age of Internet of Everything.

Currently Module 1 is available, more to come. Each module is followed by a quiz to check your understanding.

After completing this course, students will:

  • Understand Wireless Technologies
  • Understand Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) Standards

Enroll Now for Module 1  [accessible to everyone with Networking Academy Accounts]

You are an instructor …
and want to know how to make best use of the course?

For learners in CCNA1 and IT Essentials this self- enrol 1,5 hour course is a great short self study assignment, especially when starting into a new school year or semester or when on-boarding new learners.  It is best coupled with the Packet Tracer Know How 101 course.

The Link is found on NetSpace in the section of our Community Developed Courses.

Happy Mobility to everyone!

Are you …

… working in a school being responsible for the technical development and implementation of ICT? Are you providing technical support to teachers, administering the network (and maybe a virtual learning environment), managing devices in the school and addressing security issues?

EUNWe want to learn about your situation in order to understand your training needs and future skills development.

Cisco Networking Academy is teaming up with the European Schoolnet

The ICT advisor role in schools is frequently taken by a teacher interested in ICT and frequently self-taught. In-service training for ICT advisors is not well developed and many ICT advisors do not have time to attend face-to-face courses.

We want to learn about the diverse roles and tasks you have that we will be able to support you in closing the knowledge gaps.


Please forward this survey to colleagues in your network.

The survey is also available in 24 other languages

The survey closes on 23 March 2015

THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts !

Crossing borders

WP_20150203_042 WP_20150203_044

What does sitting in an IT Essentials Course for teachers have to do with crossing borders?

The participants are teachers from different subjects: English Language, Physics, Mathematics, Electronics.

It might sound strange and out of context for you. But technology is changing the way we live, work, play and learn. More so emerging technologies will continue to impact our societies and economies in more connected and profound ways. Therefore the need to change education is apparent: We need to teach the skills how to understand complex systems, identify the issues and adapt to changes.

It is becoming a requirement to

  • engage students in learning: by designing tasks where students can explore rather than consume
  • reflect requirements of future jobs: learn how to work together across domains and disciplines
  • integrate IT skills into everything we do: IT skills are needed in every sector of life.

The person who initiated and teachers the course:
Bo Lindborg, a highly competent and enthusiastic teacher from Thorildsplans Gymnasium in Stockholm.

Thanks a lot, Bo !


Thorildsplans Gymnasium Stockholm

Team Teaching


Teaching others makes you learn

Veronika Klauzova’s studies at the Technical University of Košice in the Slovak Republic helped inspire her to become an academy instructor on her path to a technical career.

TU Kosice

Interested in why and how women get into Engineering I just came across the story of Veronika Klauzova, a student from the Technical  University of Košice who also teaches as an instructor, teaching Cisco CCNA courses at the same academy where she studies. 

“The students are always asking questions, which I’m not prepared for, so it makes me solve things on the fly. It is a bit time consuming, but worth it.”

She says that her interest in teaching was sparked when she explained her studies to friends. That interest grew further when she partnered with a group of like-minded students to pursue a self-taught Cisco CCNP course. Throughout the course, each student in the group taught a section of the curriculum to the rest of the group.

Throughout all my accepted roles and self chosen tasks and projects it was always beneficial for me to explain my thought, a concept or a topic to another person and lead to better understanding it myself. When teaching others about something new it is not only the subject you teach but also about the way how you connect it to prior knowledge of the learner so that the new  topics can really be integrated into a mind.

The most important point in supporting other people in their learning is to spark the motivation to learn. You need to ask the WHY question. A liking for a subject area can be detected early on in your childhood, become apparent later in your life or take a long time to emerge.

Klauzova has a passion for technology that leads back to when she was a young girl playing computer games. She and her friends began researching the technology behind multiplayer games and after an introductory course in high school, she knew she wanted to continue her studies with a technical focus.

It is great when people who really like what they do help in spreading the enthusiasm for a topic. It is personal stories like hers that help other young people to find their passion.


Meet people with passion

Girlsday 2014 in Vienna

Cisco Blog Article “Lets hear it for the girls”


This week: NetAcad Tech Webinars

We take the opportunity to warmly invite you, between the 30th of June and 3rd of July to participate once again in Tech Webinars, VoD, Knowledge Nuggets and The latest and greatest updates from Cisco Networking Academy.


A lot of things are happening inside NetAcad and new courses are beginning to arrive. Linux Essentials, the first Partner course is already available along with the new Community Primer. Moreover, new updates to CCNA Security are in the works.

Our quarterly Instructor Forum will cover all you need to know about updates in NetAcad.

We warmly invite you to join our sessions

IPD Summer Week invitation and schedule

Retrospect AINAC 2014

More than 200 educators participated in the Austria International Networking Conference from 4. to 6.3.2014 at the FH Technikum Wien in Vienna. The focus topic was the practical use of mobile gadgets in class. Exams in a digital environment, central assessment and data security were in the center of discussion for the last 3 days.


The event program was designed around today´s media society and the change in teaching and learning. Questions discussed were ranging from “Can you teach a class with less than 140 characters – in a Twitter format – to the presentation of learning materials in the form of a game, with the aim to again be able to engage students in activities that make them learn. This may sound like an easy task. Gamification – yes, there is a term for this – is not easy at all but apparently the recipe for waking up unmotivated students.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo be able to really understand how something works, you  need to experience it yourself.  Said and done: Bogdan Doina from the Technical Team of the Cisco Networking Academy created the game “Conquer the Network” and played it with the Austrian instructors. Our instructors played the game with passion and the feedback was great from all sides. Facit: The game will be used in class. We are looking forward to feedback from you and your students.

The News from Cisco Networking Academy answers the question “Why do power grids need to become smart?”. Carsten Johnson reported about the project group developing a Smart Grid Curriculum in Germany. Cisco Austria is in preparation of a integrated Smart Power Grid solution: Mikel Gindy leads a pilot project with Salzburg AG and the University of Applied Science in Salzburg researching a technical solution that will be the first of its kind on the globe. Thomas Sommer from FH Technikum Wien introduced us to the overal picture of smart power grids and their characteristics.

We are very happy to not have to say Good Bye until next year. We will continue to update you at  www.ainac.at and hope to win some of you to be part of the team leading this initiative.

We want to thank all participants, the Austrian Ministry of Education and all companies that made the 14. AINAC a success.

March is bringing AINAC

AINAC_ticketNetworking Academy Conference brings together IT and Network educators from Austria and beyond

It is already the 14. AINAC – Austrian International Networking Academy Conference – which will take place from Tuesday 4. until Thursday 6. March 2014 at FH Technikum Wien. The event, organized by the Cisco Networking Academy Community and the Ministry of Education is dedicated to “Mobile Learning Companions” in all educational scenarios imaginable.

The Technical Team of Cisco Networking Academy brings new IT Knowledge Nuggets and will show that learning about networks can be fun. There will be more opportunity to understand and experience with topics like … Smart Grid, IP Telefony and Security, Cloud, Apps for teaching Mathematics, … . Another highlight will be the first market presentation for the Smart Amp Collaborative Software – a solution allowing to connect a variety of different devices to a collaborative workspace for students to work together and for teachers to upload lesson material and conduct real-time assessments – which will be released on 1st of April 2014.

We are very happy, under the lead of SC Dr. Christian Dorninger from the BM:UKK, to welcome Andre Richier from the European Commission who will address educators about the eSkills shortage Europe is facing.

Next Steps:

1. Check out the program and register at www.ainac.at

2. Block the date in your calender: Tuesday 4. March 2014 to Thursday 6. March 2014
2. Termin im Kalender eintragen: FH Technikum Wien, 6 Höchstädtplatz, 1200 Wien

3. Plan your trip to Vienna


eSkill Shortage in Europe


Networking Academy Austria

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