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Analog and Digital


Working with others when you do not know them, their backgrounds and have never met

Today’s problems and issues are complex. To solve them we need to cross borders across professions, languages and cultures. There is no simple way. Technically this may seem easy. I agree. What many of us do not consider is that the users of technology are people. We need to work together!

Collaboration in a digital workplace requires us to learn how to work together without knowing what we understand with all our senses when we meet in person.

Developing ideas into solution requires critical thinking.

How do you tell someone that your idea, approach or solution might be a better choice without hurting this person’s feeling and then win them to build on existing ideas and knowledge together?

At the #3CityCreathon in Berlin, Bratislava and Rome participants were able to train this :

  • Selling your ideas in only 3 minutes – Elevator Pitches
  • Give feedback in a form that can be accepted
  • Digital communication between three cities

This combination between digital communication and analog collaboration developing an idea in teams is the digital workplace of the future present.

A perfect illustration for the eSkills conference in Bratislava where 200 policy makers, business leaders and experts discussed how digital technologies are transforming our lives at a pace never seen before.

Many thanks to all participants, organizers, decision makers, jury members, experts and our digital audience.

If the spark has reached you and you are eager to run a creathon or hackathon yourself, contact your local NetAcad contact.

Until next time

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News vom MMBBS

Digital transformation and skills in Europe

Read the Bratislava Declaration



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This was a new experience: Working side by side with the Pros

Guest Author: Sophie Bauditz

Internship @Cisco – An e-Skills for jobs 2014 Action

We are 11 pupils from two secondary schools in Berlin: the French Gymnasium and the Berlin Metropolitan School. For two weeks we went on an exploration journey into the internet technology. Everybody in our group is using apps every day, is downloading videos and listening to streamed music. During our internship at the global network company Cisco we learned which technology is behind all that.


Many Cisco employees spent a lot of time with us telling their personal professional story or sharing technical insides about the network technology with us. We continued understanding the technical infrastructure by using courses from the Networking Academy learning platform. We even had the chance to speak with real customers and to participate in the development of marketing material. This was a new experience: Working side by side with the pros. It was surprising how many different functions such an IT company has to offer: Sales, Marketing, corporate social responsibility and of course system engineering. A global IT company is not a place for techies only. But using all communication and collaboration solutions is essential.

Fascinating for me were the perspectives on the Internet of Everything – or IoE as they say and the non-profit partnership with schools and universities: the Cisco Networking Academy. We have learnt and experienced a lot in only two weeks. Our host during the internship, Carsten Johnson, has discussed with us career opportunities in the IT sector and we know now that there is a skills gap. Or in my perspective: Empty seats to fill in the IT industry. An IT-company as an employer? Sure one of the most thrilling options.

DSC_0131 DSC_0138

As an intern I had the chance to make this great experience. E-Skills for Jobs is a good initiative to support young people like myself. Further IT-companies should participate.

eSkills_logo Grand-Coalition-blue-background

Smart Grid Workshop with Teachers and Industry Partners

Oldenburg, 14th February 2014

The first information workshop on Smart Grid during the e-Skills for Digital Jobs campaign! Teachers, industry partners, IT-associations and the Ministry of Education (State of Lower Saxony) discussed the latest development of Smart Grid regulation in Germany and how this relates with the development of online learning material. The host organization BFE Oldenburg ( www.bfe.de ) demonstrated a technical solution that matches with the draft technical regulation. The participants agreed upon that further awareness raising campaigns will be necessary. The electrical installers need more understanding and competences in basic IP based network communication. Industry partners that participated in the discussion: EWE AG, Smart Optimo GmbH, Cisco Systems.

For further information go to https://smartgrid.bfe.de

Smart_Grid_Workshop_BFE_Oldenburg_20140218_round_table Smart_Grid_Workshop_BFE_Oldenburg_20140218_group with installation

smart Grid Essentials – Gesamtübersicht_20131107


Fresh out of press: The Davos Declaration

P8318830European Commission joins forces with companies to deliver over 250,000 extra training courses and thousands of new digital jobs

14 industry leaders joined President Barroso, VP Kroes and Commissioner Andor for a breakfast meeting on the morning of 27.1.2014 at the WEF in Davos. They agreed to give a big boost to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs and endorse the Davos Declaration.

The Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs supports ICT skills for ultimately sustaining European competitiveness.

Partners: Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Samsung, SAP, Telefonica, and a range of industry and civil society associations.

Great to see is that the Pledges are not just promises but the progress on their implementation is tracked – you can check out the status of each initiative on the pledge tracker.

Join the momentum and hit the drums !

Hashtag: #jobs #wef14 #Davos #GC_EU


Press-release Davos Declaration

274.000 open ICT Jobs in Europe

How it began …

Dual thinkers highly in demand

Business and ITToday Europe has 274.000 open ICT jobs to be filled. In 2015 this number will have grown to 509.000. This is the estimation of more than 300 topic experts.

Why is this important?       The transition of our society into a knowledge-based and innovation-driven digital economy is the requirement for Europe to sustain its economies in international competition. The capability of European enterprises to compete and innovate is becoming increasingly dependent on the strategic and efficient use of new information and communication technologies. ICT jobs are the focus point and metric for capturing this development.

The special search light is on dual thinkers: Business and IT – Business Architects.

The e-Skills Manifest and many additional documents for understanding this context can be found at eskills2013.eu. The official press release of the conference “European e-Skills 2013 Conference” organized for the European Commission on 10. December 2013 in Brüssels summarizes the skills gap and ranks the European member states regarding their efforts of the government to improve the situation regarding ICT skills.


Recommended summary in 12:35 min
e-Leadership: e-Skills for Competitiveness and Innovation: Vision, Roadmap and Foresight Scenarios

Studies in the DACH Region

Towards European e-Skills Quality Labels for ICT Industry Training

LINUX Professional Institute Partner Meeting

linuxMunich on 17th October 2013
by Carsten Johnson

The LINUX Professional Institute (LPI) invited partners from the EMEA region to Munich. The objective was to inform about new developments and to share and to learn from best practice examples. LPI was one of the first NetAcad Resource Partners (NRP) and brings significant value for students with learning material on open source operating systems. 42 education experts and LPI business partners met at the Vocational Training School for ICT – the largest Cisco Networking Academy in Bavaria.

The LPI offers certificates like Linux Essentials and LPIC. They match perfect with networking skills like the CCNA. The combination of these courses let vocational training teachers meet the national curriculum standards. That is the reason why so many Academy instructors were among the participants of the LINUX partner meeting. The LPI started to roll out the Linux Essentials certificate and reports great success in the German market.

On European level the LPI is an active member of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs and an industry partner for Cisco there. The alignment of the industry backed certification standards with the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) is a common initiative from LPI and Cisco.

The host institution, the Städtische Berufsschule für Informationstechnik in Munich, a vocational training school for ICT in Munich has published a script on Linux Essentials that can be used by other schools for free. It is available as a downloadable document on the school website.



Linux-Zertifizierung am www.bsinfo.eu

LinuxEssentials downloaden

Conference in Brussels – Pledge Tracking


Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs

The European Commission invited IT companies and local initiatives which joined forces to fight the skills gap AND youth unemployment to Brussels on 3rd of October 2013. The meeting after 6 months of activity since the launching event was dedicated to progress reports and the objective to support alliances among the pledges. Commissioner Nelie Kroess discussed with the pledges where they see potential for support from the policy makers. The diverse responsibility of Ministries and regional governments was highlighted as a problem. There should be a central access point for digital society in all member countries. The request for financial support from the EU Commission was raise by several small initiatives and NGOs. Commissioner Kroess promised to bring these arguments on the table when she meets with prime ministers and with the cabinet.
Nelie Kroess blog

In interactive workshops the participants from pledging institutions discussed the progress of their projects and identified areas for potential collaboration. The variety of launched actions under the umbrella of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs is amazing. The range spans from local job placement and apprenticeship initiatives to ambitious global learning management platforms. At the moment there are 41 pledges listed on the EU Commission website. A new platform was introduced where pledgers can report the progress of their project.

Cisco is one of the members of the Grand Coalition with a high reputation and visibility with the pledges to align the vendor backed certifications with the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) and the development of learning material for Smart Grid installers. One week before the conference SVP Chris Dedicoat met Commissioner Kroess and briefed her about the progress regarding Smart Grid content development. The EU Commission supports the dissemination of the Smart Grid content to as many European countries as possible. Opportunities to support the dissemination with European grants were discussed. There is a chance that localization and implementation to smaller European countries can be speed up with the support of the EU.


Pledge Tracker

Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs

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