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Who is behind the Partner Advocacy Email?

Have you ever visited the ASC and ITC Community on NetSpace?

Do you know the people sending you information from Partner Advocacy?

Friday 12. Dec 2014 the ASC and ITC Newsletter was delivered into your email box. This is the voice of Kara Sullivan and Lance Anderson who want to equip you with tools and resources to support your academies. They want to keep you up to date with new developments, ask for your opinion, point you to the right places – and be available for you – in the NetSpace community for questions and issues.


Kara will be spending her holiday season at her home in Dallas, Texas. She will be spending Christmas day with her family eating fried turkey and cornbread, and watching college football, all while enjoying a few seasonal craft ales. A few items on her holiday wish list are a new desk, a robot that can make and deliver coffee to her new desk, and most importantly for the Dallas Cowboys to make it into the playoffs!







This holiday season Lance will be spending time with his wife, son, and daughter in Phoenix, Arizona where he will enjoy his favorite traditions — drinking eggnog and singing along to re-runs of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. On his holiday wish list Lance is asking for a new desk chair, a portable Bluetooth speaker, and a new Academy Locator tool in NetSpace.

If you have a holiday wish list regarding problems with any of the tools, processes, or any suggestions about improvement on how we can better support your operations as an ASC or ITC, please come to the community or contact us directly at lancande(at)cisco.com and karsulli(at)cisco.com.

Happy Holidays to you and your families and please send some snow our way!

Warm regards,

Kara and Lance

Lance and Kara

Build your smart device

… without learning a programming language.

Some of you might remember … the ones who came to the Cisco Partner Summit in Barcelona from 22-23. October 2014. Yes, the IoE Workshop “Be Creative with IoE: building a smart thing” where we were building a smart alarm clock.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are a student, it is probably hard to imagine that teachers can also work in a team to create something together. They did and this was the team composition:

  1. Manager – ensures the projects are implemented and that everybody is working 🙂
  2. Designer – design and construct the box
  3. Programmer – programs the software inside the boards
  4. Engineer – connect the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino, peripherals of I/O, wires

Great work, super fun and we are looking forward to IoE classrooms in the Cisco Networking Academy World.

Now we have a challenge of for everyone:

Impress Santa and get your present – Enter the #Xmashack Contest


Thanks to the Technical Field Team of the Cisco Networking Academy Bogdan Doinea, Marc Khayat, Serges Nanfack Fomekong, Eugene Morozov and Giuseppe Cinque and the creators of the cool tool Wyliodrinyou can build cars or robots that can move around while your smart device is being programmed – Alexandru Radovici, Ioana Culic, Ovidiu Stoica who were supporting the teams.



Xmashack Contest Share with the hashtags #XmasHack #Wyliodrin

Networking Academy Partner Summit 2014

Media Zone at Kindercity

“I wished that this kind of introduction to technology would have been there when I was that age.”

Congratulation to Kindercity – Sandrine and Jean Christophe Gostanian for their exceptional concept and implementation of the new Media Zone at Kindercity


What is the Kindercity?

Kindercity is the place to visit for playing with science. It is a perfect combination of fun and knowledge for children of all ages.  Sandrine and Jean Christophe Gostanian have been able to run the Kindercity as a private organization, which is very admirable. They advocate for STEM skill education and focus on early childhood understanding of technology and natural sciences. Today the Kindercity stands on its 6’000 square meters with around 250,000 visitors per year.

What is the Media Zone?

The inauguration of the Kindercity Media Zone opened the world of learning about Networking and Communication. The Internet and its good and bad actor are introduced in a very simple way so that understanding is guaranteed. When you think about how to explain the Internet to a child who has been using the Internet and mobile phones with Internet Access for his or her entire life, it becomes clear that this is not such an easy task.

How did they do this?

They had help. Help from young apprentices from companies in the region supporting the Kindercity initiatives and activities.  As such both sides were able to learn – they share their knowledge with children of all ages and learn how to explain technical topics like automation, robotics, energy and computing in an understandable way suited for their target group.


Kindercity is the newest member of the Cisco Networking Academy in Switzerland.
Welcome in our program!

Cisco Switzerland supported the Media Zone exhibition with Internet Highway equipment. If you are interested in working with Kindercity or experience it as an innovative event location, Sandrine and Jean Christophe are always looking for more partners.


Technolino – my Robot friend

Holiday Camp

Technology to touch Workshops

Presse: Kindercity will fuer Informatik & Technik begeistern

@ Kindercity – Chlirietstrasse 12, CH-8604 Volketswil


Networking Academy Program at Technical University of Kosice

Networking Academy Curricula Integration at Technical University of Kosice

University students interested in IT have a unique opportunity to put their time and power into a great blended learning networking academy program, powered by world’s technology leader in the field of computer networks. Department of the Computers and Informatics is proud to be part of this program. The Networking Academy curriculum offers a huge source of media rich information and through hands-on lab activities creates scenarios to learn everything you need to know to succeed as a networking professional.

TU Kosice 2About Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

The FEEI has been one of the leaders in Slovak technical higher education consists of 9 departments, one specialized laboratory, a computing centre and Centre for Information Technologies. The Faculty is committed to provide its students with the best possible experience of education for their future career and leadership in their profession, for admission to advanced degree programs, and for lifelong learning. The faculty offers a wide variety of full-time and part-time courses, which are relevant to industry’s needs. Graduates leave our departments well equipped to meet the needs of industry and development/research institutions and get their jobs with ease. Present number of faculty staff members (2010) is 240 employees, among them: 21 professors, 47 associate professors, 95 assistant professors and 21 researches. The number of MSc. students is approximately 1500 and number of BSc. students is approximately 1000 every year.

Procedure of implementing Networking Academy at FEEI

In August 1999, FEEI signed the agreement with Cisco Systems and our academy has become first Regional Academy in Slovak and Czech Republic. First years of program demonstrated this program as very effective and perspective way how to teach new network professionals, but also showed the importance of highly qualified instructors and equipment. For this reason, the curricula’s of Networking Academy Program have become an integral part of study program “Informatics” at Department of Computers and Informatics (DCI). Great results were achieved by cooperation with Computer Networks Laboratory at DCI where researchers and instructors together are participating in development in the field of computer networks.
More information about this close cooperation is available at the CNL website.

Our Successes – The awards we have received in recent years:
Paris 2000, Copenhagen 2002 – Regional academy of the year in EMEA
Regional Academy of the year in Slovakia, 2002, 2004, 2007:
Project of the year Valencia, 2005

“We can state that the demand for new forms of education based on ICT is highly required in Slovakia. It is evident that the Networking Academy program is progressive educational initiative, which offers modern technologies to the Slovak educational system. The Technical University of Kosice highly appreciates their involvement into the Networking Academy program. The Networking Academy based education model is generally considered as a suitable model for blended learning education. In Slovakia it contributes to transformation of classical educational forms into a modern school of the third millennium. The Technical University of Kosice based on successful implementation of Networking Academy program is going to be representative sites for the introduction of blended-learning technologies based on multimedia elements applied not only for the academic sectors but also for the private one, too”.
Prof. Anton Cizmar, Vice Rector TU

CALL for participation: Technology in Action

A Sports Application of the Internet-of-Everything Technology
#worldrun #netacad

name_badgeWFLCisco Networking Academy Students in Austria like to grow their practical knowledge in projects or internships. They want to see Networking Technology in action.

On May 4th, 2014 , at exactly 10 am UTC  the Wings for Life World Run, a unique event, a completely new competition format, never done before … happening in 35 locations at the same time, day or night …  would be cool to be part of the NetAcad Team reporting directly from the global race control center in Austria?


Cisco Networking Academy Students are part of this UNIQUE GLOBAL EVENT!


  • YOU can come to Spielberg and BE PART of the NetAcad Team in AUSTRIA,
    experience this event LIVE, check out more details and APPLY here.


Looking forward to reading your email.

THANK YOU for being part of the Global Cisco Networking Academy Network


You can not come to Austria. Do you want to be part of the Global Reporting Team?


Fresh out of press: The Davos Declaration

P8318830European Commission joins forces with companies to deliver over 250,000 extra training courses and thousands of new digital jobs

14 industry leaders joined President Barroso, VP Kroes and Commissioner Andor for a breakfast meeting on the morning of 27.1.2014 at the WEF in Davos. They agreed to give a big boost to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs and endorse the Davos Declaration.

The Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs supports ICT skills for ultimately sustaining European competitiveness.

Partners: Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Samsung, SAP, Telefonica, and a range of industry and civil society associations.

Great to see is that the Pledges are not just promises but the progress on their implementation is tracked – you can check out the status of each initiative on the pledge tracker.

Join the momentum and hit the drums !

Hashtag: #jobs #wef14 #Davos #GC_EU


Press-release Davos Declaration

274.000 open ICT Jobs in Europe

How it began …

LINUX Professional Institute Partner Meeting

linuxMunich on 17th October 2013
by Carsten Johnson

The LINUX Professional Institute (LPI) invited partners from the EMEA region to Munich. The objective was to inform about new developments and to share and to learn from best practice examples. LPI was one of the first NetAcad Resource Partners (NRP) and brings significant value for students with learning material on open source operating systems. 42 education experts and LPI business partners met at the Vocational Training School for ICT – the largest Cisco Networking Academy in Bavaria.

The LPI offers certificates like Linux Essentials and LPIC. They match perfect with networking skills like the CCNA. The combination of these courses let vocational training teachers meet the national curriculum standards. That is the reason why so many Academy instructors were among the participants of the LINUX partner meeting. The LPI started to roll out the Linux Essentials certificate and reports great success in the German market.

On European level the LPI is an active member of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs and an industry partner for Cisco there. The alignment of the industry backed certification standards with the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) is a common initiative from LPI and Cisco.

The host institution, the Städtische Berufsschule für Informationstechnik in Munich, a vocational training school for ICT in Munich has published a script on Linux Essentials that can be used by other schools for free. It is available as a downloadable document on the school website.



Linux-Zertifizierung am www.bsinfo.eu

LinuxEssentials downloaden

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