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Technology connects people and can make everything personal again … wow

graubuenden… almost 1 Mio. people saw the Video “Bündner kidnapped commuters from the main railway station in Zurich to a small mountain village”


Click on the link redirecting you to the Facebook page of Graubünden (one of 26 Swiss cantons) and see the 2:35 min video :

Posted by Graubünden on Thursday, July 2, 2015


Think of what we can do with technology …  if we want to.


Love the comment “Technology has soul … “


Inspirational visit to Cisco Dublin for Students from Denmark

Guest Author: Susanne Holmstedt

Visit to Cisco Dublin by students from SDE Denmark

dk_Cisco4_kl dk_Cisco2_kl

The group of 22 students and three teachers visited Cisco on 7 May 2015 as a part of an excursion to Dublin to experience both work-related and cultural subjects. This visit was very interesting with a content that everybody, both students and teachers, experienced as educational and informative.

We were welcomed by Tom Long, who gave us a thorough description of the many, varied activities that Cisco is involved in. Tom told us about the development of IT, both with a historical perspective and about IT at the present and in the future. Tom involved the students in an active and constructive discussion where they were encouraged to offer their own views on the various elements. He asked the students about the type of education they were doing, and he elaborated on the qualifications that Cisco would expect from them if they applied for a job.

We had an exciting demonstration of the advanced online conference system that is employed by Cisco where dedicated employees in both Oslo, London and Galway managed to include our students in the demonstration and at the same time, answered their questions. In the first part of the demonstration we learned about some of the many possibilities that are found in such a system. We saw how such a system could detect who was talking, and how it was able to change focus through speech and facial recognition. We also had a demonstration of 3D graphics. A very informative and educational demonstration!

Tom also talked about The Internet of Things as an important element in the future of IT. At this moment it is not only computers and smartphones that can access the internet. The Intelligent City is expected to be integral to The Internet of Things. We were included in a video conference with Cisco in Galway where the development of the Intelligent City is an important task. We had a comprehensive idea of the possibilities and the technology that could be a part of IT in the future. The conference showed examples of both the hardware and the software that are necessary to collect, adapt and present data in connection with the Intelligent City. Also in this case, our students were invited to participate in a discussion with the Cisco employee in Galway and were able to present their points of view and ideas on the subjects for discussion.

We would like to express our thanks to all the staff members at Cisco that gave us their time and made this a unique experience for us as guests. We are very grateful for their kindness, and all of us will definitely remember this visit as inspirational.

We would especially like to thank Tom Long for his courtesy and ability to engage the students in an active discussion on IT-related subjects.

Thank you from all of us from SDE in Denmark


Syddansk Erhvervsskole Odense-Vejle


Two computer science classes from Sweden visiting Cisco HQ in San Jose

New Talents meeting Employers in Cisco Stockholm Office

HTL Villach visiting Cisco Office Vienna [in German]

European Cybersecurity Challenge

ablauf2015_klMost countries lack sufficient IT security professionals to protect their IT infrastructure. To help mitigate this problem, many of them setup national cyber security competitions for finding young cyber talents and for encouraging them to pursue a career in cyber security.

The European Cyber Security Challenge leverages these competitions with a pan European layer to them:

The top cyber talents from each country meet to network and collaborate and finally compete against each other
to determine which country has the best cyber talents.

To find out who’s countries team is the best, contestants have to solve security related tasks from domains such as web security, mobile security, crypto puzzles, reverse engineering and forensics and collect points for solving them.

The competition is organized jointly in collaboration with experienced organizations from EU Member States for students. The Organizing Committee of the 1st pan-European Cyber Security Challenge is composed of the following representatives:

Who can participate?

Participants selected by their country’s organization responsible for running the ECSC qualification. In 2015, the following countries can assemble and send a team:

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom.

The selected participants should be the top participants from the national challenge and must meet the following criteria:

– They are between 14 and 30 years old
– They are a citizen of the county for which they participate or they live or study there
– They do not (yet) have a master degree or similar
– They do not have a higher education related to cyber security
(e.g., Certified Ethical Hacker, Bachelor in Forensics, …)

Team composition and categories

Teams consist of two (max. 3) coaches/staff members and a maximum of ten (10) contestants from two categories: Junior and Senior. The senior category might not contain more than five (5) members.

Junior: Between 14 and 20 years old
Senior: Between 20 and 30 years old

What are you waiting for?
Join in!


Enisa Pan-european Cybersecurity Competition

Read all details about the European Challenge

Introduction to CyberSecurity Cisco Networking Academy


Build your smart device

… without learning a programming language.

Some of you might remember … the ones who came to the Cisco Partner Summit in Barcelona from 22-23. October 2014. Yes, the IoE Workshop “Be Creative with IoE: building a smart thing” where we were building a smart alarm clock.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you are a student, it is probably hard to imagine that teachers can also work in a team to create something together. They did and this was the team composition:

  1. Manager – ensures the projects are implemented and that everybody is working 🙂
  2. Designer – design and construct the box
  3. Programmer – programs the software inside the boards
  4. Engineer – connect the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino, peripherals of I/O, wires

Great work, super fun and we are looking forward to IoE classrooms in the Cisco Networking Academy World.

Now we have a challenge of for everyone:

Impress Santa and get your present – Enter the #Xmashack Contest


Thanks to the Technical Field Team of the Cisco Networking Academy Bogdan Doinea, Marc Khayat, Serges Nanfack Fomekong, Eugene Morozov and Giuseppe Cinque and the creators of the cool tool Wyliodrinyou can build cars or robots that can move around while your smart device is being programmed – Alexandru Radovici, Ioana Culic, Ovidiu Stoica who were supporting the teams.



Xmashack Contest Share with the hashtags #XmasHack #Wyliodrin

Networking Academy Partner Summit 2014

Media Zone at Kindercity

“I wished that this kind of introduction to technology would have been there when I was that age.”

Congratulation to Kindercity – Sandrine and Jean Christophe Gostanian for their exceptional concept and implementation of the new Media Zone at Kindercity


What is the Kindercity?

Kindercity is the place to visit for playing with science. It is a perfect combination of fun and knowledge for children of all ages.  Sandrine and Jean Christophe Gostanian have been able to run the Kindercity as a private organization, which is very admirable. They advocate for STEM skill education and focus on early childhood understanding of technology and natural sciences. Today the Kindercity stands on its 6’000 square meters with around 250,000 visitors per year.

What is the Media Zone?

The inauguration of the Kindercity Media Zone opened the world of learning about Networking and Communication. The Internet and its good and bad actor are introduced in a very simple way so that understanding is guaranteed. When you think about how to explain the Internet to a child who has been using the Internet and mobile phones with Internet Access for his or her entire life, it becomes clear that this is not such an easy task.

How did they do this?

They had help. Help from young apprentices from companies in the region supporting the Kindercity initiatives and activities.  As such both sides were able to learn – they share their knowledge with children of all ages and learn how to explain technical topics like automation, robotics, energy and computing in an understandable way suited for their target group.


Kindercity is the newest member of the Cisco Networking Academy in Switzerland.
Welcome in our program!

Cisco Switzerland supported the Media Zone exhibition with Internet Highway equipment. If you are interested in working with Kindercity or experience it as an innovative event location, Sandrine and Jean Christophe are always looking for more partners.


Technolino – my Robot friend

Holiday Camp

Technology to touch Workshops

Presse: Kindercity will fuer Informatik & Technik begeistern

@ Kindercity – Chlirietstrasse 12, CH-8604 Volketswil


Ready for you – thanks to our volunteers

#skillsbern2014 #ictskillsch #NetAcad

Thanks to our Networking Academy students and Partners we are able to offer you a diverse program for different age groups and knowledge levels at the Swiss Skills 2014 in Bern.


JukeboxTHURSDAY 18.9.2014

10:00 – 11:00
Workshop „How does the Internet work“
Marco Fahrni, Dominik Hetzer
The Internet explained by Cisco Systems Engineers

11:00 – 12:00
14:00 – 15:00
Demo Project Jukebox: How can a Jukebox be implemented with todays technology?
Patrick Winter, Fabian Terranova, Tiago Pinheiro
Vocational students from the Networking Academy at the BBB Baden


Green RoomFRIDAY 19.9.2014

10:00 – 11:00
Workshop „How does the Internet work“
Marco Fahrni, Dominik Hetzer

11:00 – 12:00
15:30 – 16:30
Career Talk with the Swiss Skills Winners 2012, Swiss Participant  & Experte World Skills 2013 in Leipzig
Jutta Jerlich talking to Lukas Hubschmid, Danny Meier, Pascal Knecht

14:00 – 15:00
Demo Project Jukebox: How can a Jukebox be implemented with todays technology?
Patrick Winter, Fabian Terranova, Tiago Pinheiro
Vocational students from the Networking Academy at the BBB Baden

D747_384_klSATURDAY 20.9.2014

Competition Trade 39 Network Technology

10:00 – 11:00
Workshop „How does the Internet work“
Marco Fahrni, Dominik Hetzer

11:00 – 12:00
Expert Talk: Cooles IT Basteln. Was ist das IoE?
Jutta Jerlich talking to Peter Broger
Networking Academy Instructor from Bregenz, Austria

14:00 – 15:00
Demo Project Jukebox: How can a Jukebox be implemented with todays technology?
Fabian Terranova, Tiago Pinheiro
We are supporting Patrick Winter competing in the Trade 39 competition!

15:30 – 16:30
Discussion Roundtable Cyber Security
Michi Hostettler, Tobias Künzi, Valentin Zahnd
inners of the Swiss Cyber Security Challenge


Danke von CiscoSUNDAY 21.9.2014

10:00 – 11:00
Workshop „How does the Internet work“
Marco Fahrni, Dominik Hetzer

11:00 – 12:00
Career Talk with Swiss Skills Winner 2012
Jutta Jerlich talking to Pascal Knecht

14:00 – 15:00
Demo Project Jukebox: How can a Jukebox be implemented with todays technology?
Patrick Winter, Fabian Terranova, Tiago Pinheiro

15:30 – 16:30
Discussion Roundtable Cyber Security
Tobias Künzi, Valentin Zahnd, Bernhard Tellenbach
Winners of the Swiss Cyber Security Challenge, President of Swiss Cyber Storm

Visit us at the Swiss Skills in Bern

Berufswahl klarlogo-ict-berufsbildung 01-NetAcad Lockup-STANDARD-PRINT-PurpleBlue.jpg 10Oct12

Best practice in collaboration: IT meets Soccer

Cisco Academy IT-Bildungsnetz e.V. and the supporters clubs of VfL Bochum and BVB Dortmund invite pupils in soccer stadiums to learn at the place of their premier league heroes

10th of June 2014: lightning and storm. Bochum and Dortmund were hard to reach since their traffic infrastructure was affected quite drastically. This did not deter our young participants, who registered for the unique IT and soccer combination. They did not fail to appear for our eSkills Soccer Camp 2014 in Bochum and Dortmund the next day. Over 80 teenagers participated in the IT Soccer Camps, although the state government released a compulsory school attendance note for these days due to security reasons.

eSkills_2014-1    eSkills_2014-2

Was it a good idea to join the camp in their free time?

The combination of our program – learning about IT and sports combined with information about the soccer club and the stadium attracted the teenagers. They each completed three IT courses while using web tools for collaboration they had never seen before. Team work and collaboration were the topics in the sport sessions, too. The day ended with a tour through the places that would normally be filled with soccer stars: the soccer stadiums of VfL Bochum and premier league second best club Borussia Dortmund.

IT-meets Soccer BVB-Lernzentrum 2    IT-meets Soccer BVB-Lernzentrum 1

The objectives of the IT Soccer Camp are in line with the eSkills campaign from BITKOM and the EU Commission:
Showcase the opportunities of IT careers to young people entering into their vocational careers.
eSkills are necessary in all future career.

eSkills_logo Grand-Coalition-blue-background

Reporting from Wings for Life World Run

@CiscoNetAcad at Wingsforlifeworldrun #worldrun

Netacad Team_kl

Please follow our technical briefings and insights on networkingakademien.wordpress.com

Initiator and Lead
Jutta Jerlich

NetAcad Team OnSite @ WorldRun
Maximilian Lehrbaum
Felix Hartung
Ivica Vugrinec
Nathan Arthur Boone
Kevin Anthony Van Ryckegem

Running Reporter
Christoph Malin, Austria

Global Reporters
Laura Stoica, Romania
Borja Pineiro, Spain
Edgar Rupare, United Kingdom
Rahul Goyal, India
Raghava Krishna Teja Chintalapati, India
Arun Ganesh, India

Juan Carlos Soto Sosa – he is an instructor from Chile and WorldSkills expert who involved his entire class:

Ernesto Lantigua De La Cruz
Mariela Bussi Pimentel
Félix José Méndez Alvarez
jordanny rosario santana
Carlos Juan Shephard Guerrero
Bian Polanco
Ariel Feliz
Yanira Mendez
Nilson Misiel Perez Rosa
Noemi Guzman Garcia
Felix Joel Ubiera Ruiz
Daris Jose De Jesus
Nathan Raul Almonte Romero
Julio Anderson Coplin Nunez
Ricardo Alexander de la Rosa
Frank de Jesus Portorreal
Jose David Guzman Catala
Joel Ruiz
Jesus Manuel Betances Espinal
Marcos Valenzuela

Thanks for all of your effort, teaming up with us, making the technical challenges of Wings for Life World Run a topic to think about.

Just IMAGINE what else we can do together on Wings for Life World Run on May 3rd 2015 !

Female Power – Girls in ICT Day in Cisco Vienna Office

24.4.2014, Cisco Office Vienna

Vienna_girlsday_3_2014 Vienna_girlsday_2_2014

On Thursday there were considerably more female faces at the Cisco Office in Vienna than normally. We owed this to the Girls in ICT Day. All 18 registered young women came to our office in the Millenium Tower in Vienna. What are the areas discussed on such a Girls day? – take a look at

the Agenda

  • Presentation of Cisco incl. Q&A with Ulrike Egger and Clemens Geyer – guests of honor Cisco CEO Dr. Achim Kaspar and Vienna City Council member Mag.a (FH) Tanja Wehsely
  • Female power at Cisco – Career talk in telepresence format with Anna Gillitzer and Tanja Stengg from Amsterdam, Jutta Jerlich from Basel and Rosita Kashanipour from Prag
  • How does the Internet work? – Clemens Geyer
  • Professional Telepresence Demonstration with Markus Hatz, Anne Horve, Vemun Waksvik and Annemarie Hauge
  • Resume & Feedback

We were able to learn about following professional roles in Cisco:
Virtual Systems Engineer, Customer Account Manager, Partner Account Manager, Program Management Cisco Networking Academy, Associate Systems Engineer, Associate Sales Representatives, Supply Chain Assistant, Administrative Assistant

We want to thank all contributors for joining us on this day – together we can create more impact than on an individual basis. This is the philosophy and work culture at Cisco. One of the answers to many questions we received that day about how it is to work for Cisco.

We hope that we could give you insight into your possible future, inspire you and give you guidance for your upcoming career choices. Thank you for your nice feedback.


The Contributors:
Many thanks to Clemens Geyer for taking the lead, Anja Hörtner, Ulrike Egger, Markus Hatz, Anna Gillitzer, Tanja Stengg, Rosita Kashanipour, Martin Krejca, Anne Horve, Vemun Waksvik und Annemarie Hauge, Günter Herold for the great photos.

Hacking the School (1983) HD
Explore a Google data center with Street View

CALL for participation: Global Reporting Team

A Sports Application of the Internet-of-Everything Technology
#worldrun #netacad

reportingCisco Networking Academy Students in Austria like to grow their practical knowledge in projects or internships. They want to learn first hand about Networking Technology.

On May 4th, 2014 , at exactly 10 am UTC the Wings for Life World Run, a unique event, a completely new competition format, never done before … happening in 35 locations at the same time, day or night … would be cool to connect with the NetAcad Team reporting directly from the global race control center in Austria?

We will connect you from where ever you are with the OnSite Netacad Team to exchange thoughts and feelings.


Cisco Networking Academy Students are part of this UNIQUE GLOBAL EVENT!


  • YOU want to communicate directly with the NetAcad Team in Austria,
    learn about what IoE technology enables and share this knowledge with your
    community, check out more details and APPLY here.


Looking forward to reading your email.

THANK YOU for being part of the Global Cisco Networking Academy Network


You can come to Austria. Do you want to be part of the NetAcad Team Behind the Scenes?

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