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The Art of Learning from Mistakes


We live in an unprecedented time of transformation. Digital Technologies are impacting not only companies but the society as a whole: Industry 4.0, Virtual Reality, gamification, Smart Cities, wearable clothes … are just some of the buzz words. This is driving organizational change, with it a cultural revolution.

Innovation requires a mindset accepting setbacks, adjustments, mistakes, errors as part of the development path.

When innovation happens at this incredible rapid pace, the art of learning from mistakes becomes crucial.

A movement where stories of failed businesses and projects are shared, discussed and embraced is growing globally – FuckUp Nights.

It started in 2012 in Mexico City and is now the most active creator’s movement on the planet – it means that every month more than 10.000 people make time to go to FuckUp Nights –short FUN – and listen to

3 people who share their stories in 7 minutes and 10 images

  • What was the project?
  • What went wrong?
  • What did you learn?
  • What would you do differently?

Today there are 143 active cities in 53 countries where people listen to three stories about failure each lasting 7 minutes on a regular basis.

So GO OUT and find a FuckUp Night near you.

If it is not in your city yet, move to a city where it is 🙂 … or ORGANIZE one in your city.

Happy to support you in it.
Because I am just in the middle of doing this myself and it is my “must” to share my experiences with others. Thanks to everyone sharing their experience with me: The FuckUpNight international community, Salomé Wagner from FUN Vienna, Claudius Krucker from FUN St.Gallen and Réginald Bien-Aimé and Fanny Bauer organizing FUN in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich.

We are putting Basel – Switzerland’s most dynamic and innovative economic area – on the Map:

Putting Basel on the Map

The First Ever FuckUp Night in Basel will happen on May 12, 2016 at 19 pm at the Lohnhof, Im Lohnhof 8, 4051 Basel.

Weil Fehler zum Erfolg führen
Because errors are on your way to success
Parce que l’erreur est source de succès

Get FUN Basel tickets

The specialty: Basel is located shoulder to shoulder to Germany and France – actually a stone throw distance from almost all corners of the city – with globally present companies. Therefore the event is trilingual (English, Deutsch, Francais).

What is the specialty of your city?


@FUN_Basel, @FUN_Vienna, #fuckupnights #geneva #lausanne #stgallen #basel #zurich #switzerland


What is the FuckUp Nights Movement
Register for May 12, in Basel

World Economic Forum – The digital transformation of Industries @wef


Digital Integration

#benetacad @CiscoNetAcad @ReDISchool #AlleHelfenJetzt

Initiatives with IMPACT

The ReDI – SCHOOL OF DIGITAL INTEGRATION offers basic and advanced coding classes for refugees. With their TechTalk series they offer companies the opportunity to present their technologies and job requirements.

#5 TechTalk // Cisco Technologies


“The changing landscape of a digitized world”
Monique Morrow, CTO-Evangelist – New Frontiers for Development-Engineering, Cisco

“Building a new architecture for the Internet of Things world”
Claus Schaale, Cloud leader, Cisco Datacenter EMEAR

“Market landscape – Datacenter opportunities in Europe”
Patrick Schmidt, Managing Director Sales, Cisco EMEAR Data Center & Virtualization

“Cisco, Cloud, the Universe and everything else”
Vallard Benincosa, Software Solutions Architect and Bryan Osoro, Director Systems Engineering, Cisco

Take aways

  • Big picture of ICT industry and how the market is evolving
  • ICT players in the industry and the new opportunities arising
  • What are the technologies and coding languages to focus on
  • Where to look for opportunities

After the session there is an opportunity to discuss further on a personal level.

A fascinating evening …



The syrian film maker Firas al-Shater lives in Berlin since two and a half years. He believes that integration will work.
Why? He dared an experiment …
Who are those Germans?

The initiative „all are helping now“ connects refugee projects with companies in Berlin.

Refugees on Rail support volunteers, conduct courses and workshop for refugees in several cities in Europe.



Ai Weiwei’s latest installation has 14,000 life vests at Berlin concert house


It is our future

#benetacad #CLAcademyDay #CLHackathon at #CLEur

A memorable week ahead …


Powerful. It is empowering to envision your future. It is on everyone to envision the future.
Why? Because we will regret, if we do NOT do it.

Here are the activities upcoming next week:

15. – 18. 2.2016
NetAcad Hack-a-thon
Starts Monday at 13:00 at OSZ IMT, Haarlemer Str. 23-27, 12359 Berlin-Neukölln

Young talents spend 3 days together creating, shaping, designing and prototyping ideas using IT skills and competencies to engage in creative problem solving for the future of our societies.

Keywords: Hack and Marathon = exploratory programming > Digitization Transforming Teaching and Learning

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

15. 2.2016
#5 TechTalk // ReDI School of Digital Integration
How Cloud & Internet of Things is changing the world
From 16:00 to 19:00 at SCC Restaurant, Waldschulallee 45, 14055 Berlin

In cooperation with ReDI teaching coding skills to create job opportunities and economic empowerment for refugees: Introduction and Talent Scouting Event for Refugees from Cisco Experts

Keywords: IoT, Data Center, Cloud via Cisco Germany: Monique Morrow, Claus Schaale, Patrick Schmidt, Ken Owens

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Academy Day
8:30 – 18:15 at CityCube, Messedamm 22 (South entrance), Berlin – CL Plenary Session, Room A6

Leading innovators and Networking Academy partners talking about how technology changes the way we work, live, play and learn. Listen to the pitches of the Hack-a-thon teams presenting their prototypes of IoE solutions.

Keywords: Education, Future Skills, IoE via Cisco Networking Academy Germany: Carsten Johnson, Tobias Köppel


At and around Cisco Live – Cisco’s premier education and training destination for IT professionals worldwide
Messe Berlin GmbH, Messedamm 22 (South entrance), D-14055 Berlin

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  CALL to ACTION  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Follow us and become part of the Digital Extension –
share your experience, comments and feedback

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Further Resources
Why we need a digital agenda
Wanted: a generation of global problem solvers @ World Economic Forum
Infographic Global Problem Solvers
First Refugee Response Center


The three largest Networking Academies in Germany
G18 Hamburg  –  OSZ IMT  –  MMBbS 

A Plus Video What’s Your Biggest Regret?    3:25

WTF is a Hackathon

#AlleHelfenJetzt @eskills4jobs @eskillsgrowthEU #DigitalVenice @CiscoEMEAR @Cisco_Germany

Technology connects people and can make everything personal again … wow

graubuenden… almost 1 Mio. people saw the Video “Bündner kidnapped commuters from the main railway station in Zurich to a small mountain village”


Click on the link redirecting you to the Facebook page of Graubünden (one of 26 Swiss cantons) and see the 2:35 min video :

Posted by Graubünden on Thursday, July 2, 2015


Think of what we can do with technology …  if we want to.


Love the comment “Technology has soul … “

The currency of Networking Academy

“Money makes the world go round” seems to not work for an increasing number of organization. As a non-profit organization or CSR department of a company it is just not that simple any more.

What is the “currency” of a non-profit that allows you to prove the value of your service or product to the stakeholders funding what you offer?


The term describing such a context used in business theory is indirect profitability.
Who ever the partners are: the people behind
:: funding,
:: producing and delivering,
:: benefiting
are not the same.

Our Cisco Networking Academy program is an almost 18 year old educational program based on the pillar of partnership.

How do we make sure that what we supply is of value for you?

The funders defined the currency of Cisco Networking Academy by the number of

  • enrolled students
  • assessments taken (validation of above).

Assessments are embedded learning activities that are interspersed throughout the course, they are designed as learning tools to encourage students’ knowledge discovery and their use verifies the interaction of learners with our resources. Each item and activity aligns to a specific course competency and is built with the curriculum in collaboration with instructors from the global Networking Academy community.

What we monitor?

We monitor volume and types of assessment used, we analyze pass rates for each assessment item (and correct the statistics to filter out the ones that already have the answers) to identify areas challenging to students,
we want to know how you and your students use the tools we provide … with the goal to make sure that what we supply is what you need.

Why do we monitor?

NetAcad uses assessment data to make improvements at the student, classroom and academy level.

The use of assessments or the absence of use is a statement for us we want to understand and react to.

How we measure the (positive) impact of our actions is a topic that is not defined to this context. It has become a challenge in several levels of society and economy. I personally believe that learning about the effectiveness of the systems used to govern our societies and economies can only happen through more transparency about their real impact. It all starts with making all effects visible.

How do you use Networking Academy resources?
Are you enrolling your students?
How do you use assessments in your learning context?

Are you open for a discussion?

Contact me any time …



Webinar Series: Let’s Talk Assessments
Dates for the Lets Talk Assessments Webinar Series
Self-enrol for the series right here

An example of Using aessements for learning from Switzerland

Activation of Assessments on NetSpace

All Tutorials about Assessment
Go to the header “Managing Assessments”, it is the 3rd heading and the 3rd paragraph

NEW NetAcad Assessment Resources Spotlight

You can change the world – Join us !

Russian IoE creathon ot idei k realnosti

Latvian IoE creathon no idejas lidz realitatei


We are going through one of the most incredible times for technology and innovation in History!

Experts predict that the emerging technologies of the Internet Of Everything (IoE) “will have five to 10 times more impact than the whole Internet revolution has been”. [J.C. Chamber, Cisco CEO]

How will you use it to have a positive impact on society?

To learn more about the IoE we invite you to join our online course introducing the IoE and to attend two live training sessions prior the IoE Creathon!

Are you ready for this big opportunity?

Join us for the first IoE Creathon for Social Good organized on March 12th & 13th 2015 by Cisco in collaboration with LIKTA, Riga Technical University and MakeSense, organized in parallel to the eSkills Conference.

What’s for the winners?

If your team is selected by the jury you will win a trip to Germany and go through a special visit of openBerlin IoE Innovation Center. You will also have the chance to present your business idea during the eSkills for Jobs high-level Conference before an audience of Government representatives, non-profit and business leaders.

There are always more steps to take … build on this experience, live your dream and start your own business!

The number of participants is limited, register now!

Happy to answer your question? Reach me at jjerlich(at)cisco.com


Read about the Hackathon Experience

Why every developer should attend a hackathon?


Crossing borders

WP_20150203_042 WP_20150203_044

What does sitting in an IT Essentials Course for teachers have to do with crossing borders?

The participants are teachers from different subjects: English Language, Physics, Mathematics, Electronics.

It might sound strange and out of context for you. But technology is changing the way we live, work, play and learn. More so emerging technologies will continue to impact our societies and economies in more connected and profound ways. Therefore the need to change education is apparent: We need to teach the skills how to understand complex systems, identify the issues and adapt to changes.

It is becoming a requirement to

  • engage students in learning: by designing tasks where students can explore rather than consume
  • reflect requirements of future jobs: learn how to work together across domains and disciplines
  • integrate IT skills into everything we do: IT skills are needed in every sector of life.

The person who initiated and teachers the course:
Bo Lindborg, a highly competent and enthusiastic teacher from Thorildsplans Gymnasium in Stockholm.

Thanks a lot, Bo !


Thorildsplans Gymnasium Stockholm

Team Teaching


Young Talent learning from Cisco Engineers

Dominik HerkelCisco Unified Access Workshop

I  am Dominik Herkel, a member of the Cisco Top Talent Club initiative. Therefore I was given the chance to listen to a very interesting and future driven workshop, directly presented by a member of Cisco Systems Austria. Martin Rosensteiner, a Systems Engineer, taught us the important networking technologies and designs of tomorrow.

We discussed the pros and cons of a modern wireless architecture and how vital and critical a well-planned wireless network is for overall business success. Then we got some information about the wireless products, e.g. Cisco Aironet Access Points and Cisco Wireless Controllers, which comply with actual standards and specifications.

The wireless portfolio led us to another important aspect, which comes up with a unified access and converged infrastructure. So we learned a lot about the new Cisco switching products and how they are connected to the rest of an advanced network.

The last topic of our workshop was the cloud managed component of Cisco’s wireless products and how they are positioned on the market. This was a special interest of mine, because for me it was very important to know in which case a cloud managed wireless solution fits better than a traditional one.

At the end of the presentation, Martin discussed with us the term Software Defined Networking (SDN) and how it could be integrated today, as well as in the future into companies and governments all over the globe.

A great thanks to Martin Rosensteiner!

Dominik Herkel


Cisco Top Talent Club Austria




Do you know the Hour of Code?

40,000 classrooms around the world are signed up for the Hour of Code!

4285 events in Italy
598 events in the United Kingdom
633 events in Canada

Is your country in?

Don’t let your students miss out on the chance to learn skills that can change the course of their lives.
Ask your school to get involved


Exclusive tutorial for the Hour of Code 2014 – featuring “Frozen” heroines Anna and Elsa! Try it

The activity will soon be translated into 30+ languages. If you can help, visit https://code.org/translate

20 additional Hour of Code tutorials are here – with options for every age, every device, and even “unplugged.”

Anybody can participate. No experience needed, no computers either.

Please help your students learn the basics of computer science during December 8-14 and help the Hour of Code get to 100 million students worldwide!

Sign up your class at http://hourofcode.com

Hadi Partovi, Code.org

More than a bridge from industry to education

Taking part in shaping the workforce and gain a competitive advantage with early access to their future IT talent is an alliance indispensable for success.

SUCCESS FACTOR: Collaboration NTS and Cisco Networking Academy FH St.Pölten


Interview with Beatrix Ortner by Jutta Jerlich, Cisco Networking Academy Program Management Austria

What is the relationship between NTS and Cisco Networking Academies?

We closely work with Cisco Networking Academies in several locations in Austria connecting with students during their studies at the academies. We are looking for people with knowledge in the area of Voice, Data Center and Networking Technology.

NTS is closely working with the University of Applied Science FH St.Pölten because they have a strong Cisco focus in their study program. The students at FH St.Pölten usually come from HTL Spengergasse or HTL Rennweg which are among the most renowned Cisco Networking Academies in Austria.

The interaction between the academy and NTS encompasses a close relationship between NTS HR and the manager of the Cisco Networking Academy FH St.Pölten, the offer for a three months internship at NTS to students as well as an exchange of thought between NTS and the Cisco Networking Academy FH St.Pölten about the development of the curricula towards topics needed in the market, such as for example voice and data center knowledge.

Foto4The NTS Trainee Program

Studies at a University of Applied Sciences in Austria have the requirement to complete a three months professional internship with a company during their Bachelor-studies. This three months internship is offered to students from the FH St.Pölten. There is no more recruitment or advertising of the internship positions needed because of the close contact resulting in students being selected on a very direct and personal level.

At NTS the three months internship is called trainee program and about 3 to 4 trainees are taken every year. When the students start at NTS, they get a mentor assigned based on their topic of interest. They have the support of this mentor also for a project they have to complete for their studies. At the same time they work with customers from their first day onwards.

During the three months it is easily possible to see if the young talent has the required knowledge and attitude as well as if there is a cultural fit. In return the intern can see if NTS is a company he or she wants to work for. The experience is that all trainees are being offered employment, accept it and stay in the company.

If the students do want to continue their Master studies for another two years. NTS offers them to work part-time for 20 hours and 100% employment after they complete their Masters.

Can you describe the impact this had on NTS?

Due to the closeness to the Cisco Networking Academies NTS is able to plan with and rely on a talent pipeline for their company development plan. The key factors are:

  • Very high (almost 100%) employee retention rate
    We have almost no loss of employees, they enjoy their work. Giving our young talents responsibilities and valuing their contribution leads them paying back double.
  • Almost doubled the size of the company in 3 years
    NTS managed to grow the company from about 80 employees to almost double the number today in only 3 years.
  • Have an open company culture with motivated people and a constant new technology inflow
    The motivation of the young people is worth a whole lot for NTS. They are open for new ideas and new topics. They also bring new skills into the teams that are very important for the overall development of the company.

We include FH St.Poelten into our development plan, we could not achieve our company goals without them.

Are there other ways you engage with education and society?

NTS is engaging in the new initiative of Cisco Austria and Cisco Networking Academy Austria, the Top Talent Club Austria. Since there were not yet any female applicants for the NTS trainee program, NTS want to support women coming into IT. Therefore NTS and the FH St.Pölten, initiated and supported by the Cisco Networking Academy Program Management Austria, are in the process of designing a program and/or initiative supporting und mentoring female students already during their studies to keep them motivated to actually finish their studies.

There is also an initiative being designed that should help the FH St.Pölten to attract more female students to their study programs.

NTS – CISCO GOLD PARTNER in AUSTRIA www.nts.eu The Company was founded 19 years ago by Herr Albler and Herr Koller in Graz, Austria. The collaboration and early engagement with Networking Academy Students is and has been instrumental for building a pipeline of highly qualified and motivated young talents for their company development.

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