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European Cybersecurity Challenge

ablauf2015_klMost countries lack sufficient IT security professionals to protect their IT infrastructure. To help mitigate this problem, many of them setup national cyber security competitions for finding young cyber talents and for encouraging them to pursue a career in cyber security.

The European Cyber Security Challenge leverages these competitions with a pan European layer to them:

The top cyber talents from each country meet to network and collaborate and finally compete against each other
to determine which country has the best cyber talents.

To find out who’s countries team is the best, contestants have to solve security related tasks from domains such as web security, mobile security, crypto puzzles, reverse engineering and forensics and collect points for solving them.

The competition is organized jointly in collaboration with experienced organizations from EU Member States for students. The Organizing Committee of the 1st pan-European Cyber Security Challenge is composed of the following representatives:

Who can participate?

Participants selected by their country’s organization responsible for running the ECSC qualification. In 2015, the following countries can assemble and send a team:

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom.

The selected participants should be the top participants from the national challenge and must meet the following criteria:

– They are between 14 and 30 years old
– They are a citizen of the county for which they participate or they live or study there
– They do not (yet) have a master degree or similar
– They do not have a higher education related to cyber security
(e.g., Certified Ethical Hacker, Bachelor in Forensics, …)

Team composition and categories

Teams consist of two (max. 3) coaches/staff members and a maximum of ten (10) contestants from two categories: Junior and Senior. The senior category might not contain more than five (5) members.

Junior: Between 14 and 20 years old
Senior: Between 20 and 30 years old

What are you waiting for?
Join in!


Enisa Pan-european Cybersecurity Competition

Read all details about the European Challenge

Introduction to CyberSecurity Cisco Networking Academy


Step outside your box

STEM Entrepreneurship Programm

Stemettes are running Outbox Incubator this Summer – for girls interested in starting, running or trying out STEM-based business. If you’ve got an idea, or passion for STEM, this will be the place for you to get hands-on workshops, inspirational talks, personalized mentoring and some funding for your idea – all under one roof!

We’ll be hosting girls who live outside of London in the venue and it will run from 27th July to 5th September 2015 – you can book minimum a week at a time. As usual, the whole experience is FREE, will have lots of food and includes lots of fun.

Find out more and apply at http://www.outboxincubator.com/apply, follow us @OutboxIncubator and check out #OutboxIn



Young Women’s Innovation Challenge

IoT challenge 2

A proven pathway to more innovative results and better solutions is

  • to gather ideas from a diverse group of people
  • get feedback from other disciplines and
  • ask the future users.

The Internet of Things will be changing the way we do things in everyday life.  This is why the IoT World Forum decided to start the Young Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge.

The Grand Challenge is a global innovation challenge open to young women between the ages of 13-18. The aim of the challenge is to recognize, promote, and reward young innovators as they come up with new uses for Internet of Things technologies.


IoT-Sig-v3-1 (2)

Round 1 Submissions Due: March 25th 2015

Round 2 Submissions Due: May 11th 2015


Media Zone at Kindercity

“I wished that this kind of introduction to technology would have been there when I was that age.”

Congratulation to Kindercity – Sandrine and Jean Christophe Gostanian for their exceptional concept and implementation of the new Media Zone at Kindercity


What is the Kindercity?

Kindercity is the place to visit for playing with science. It is a perfect combination of fun and knowledge for children of all ages.  Sandrine and Jean Christophe Gostanian have been able to run the Kindercity as a private organization, which is very admirable. They advocate for STEM skill education and focus on early childhood understanding of technology and natural sciences. Today the Kindercity stands on its 6’000 square meters with around 250,000 visitors per year.

What is the Media Zone?

The inauguration of the Kindercity Media Zone opened the world of learning about Networking and Communication. The Internet and its good and bad actor are introduced in a very simple way so that understanding is guaranteed. When you think about how to explain the Internet to a child who has been using the Internet and mobile phones with Internet Access for his or her entire life, it becomes clear that this is not such an easy task.

How did they do this?

They had help. Help from young apprentices from companies in the region supporting the Kindercity initiatives and activities.  As such both sides were able to learn – they share their knowledge with children of all ages and learn how to explain technical topics like automation, robotics, energy and computing in an understandable way suited for their target group.


Kindercity is the newest member of the Cisco Networking Academy in Switzerland.
Welcome in our program!

Cisco Switzerland supported the Media Zone exhibition with Internet Highway equipment. If you are interested in working with Kindercity or experience it as an innovative event location, Sandrine and Jean Christophe are always looking for more partners.


Technolino – my Robot friend

Holiday Camp

Technology to touch Workshops

Presse: Kindercity will fuer Informatik & Technik begeistern

@ Kindercity – Chlirietstrasse 12, CH-8604 Volketswil


Female Power – Girls in ICT Day in Cisco Vienna Office

24.4.2014, Cisco Office Vienna

Vienna_girlsday_3_2014 Vienna_girlsday_2_2014

On Thursday there were considerably more female faces at the Cisco Office in Vienna than normally. We owed this to the Girls in ICT Day. All 18 registered young women came to our office in the Millenium Tower in Vienna. What are the areas discussed on such a Girls day? – take a look at

the Agenda

  • Presentation of Cisco incl. Q&A with Ulrike Egger and Clemens Geyer – guests of honor Cisco CEO Dr. Achim Kaspar and Vienna City Council member Mag.a (FH) Tanja Wehsely
  • Female power at Cisco – Career talk in telepresence format with Anna Gillitzer and Tanja Stengg from Amsterdam, Jutta Jerlich from Basel and Rosita Kashanipour from Prag
  • How does the Internet work? – Clemens Geyer
  • Professional Telepresence Demonstration with Markus Hatz, Anne Horve, Vemun Waksvik and Annemarie Hauge
  • Resume & Feedback

We were able to learn about following professional roles in Cisco:
Virtual Systems Engineer, Customer Account Manager, Partner Account Manager, Program Management Cisco Networking Academy, Associate Systems Engineer, Associate Sales Representatives, Supply Chain Assistant, Administrative Assistant

We want to thank all contributors for joining us on this day – together we can create more impact than on an individual basis. This is the philosophy and work culture at Cisco. One of the answers to many questions we received that day about how it is to work for Cisco.

We hope that we could give you insight into your possible future, inspire you and give you guidance for your upcoming career choices. Thank you for your nice feedback.


The Contributors:
Many thanks to Clemens Geyer for taking the lead, Anja Hörtner, Ulrike Egger, Markus Hatz, Anna Gillitzer, Tanja Stengg, Rosita Kashanipour, Martin Krejca, Anne Horve, Vemun Waksvik und Annemarie Hauge, Günter Herold for the great photos.

Hacking the School (1983) HD
Explore a Google data center with Street View

Girls Day at Cisco Zurich Office

7. June 2013 Girls Group from ZHAW at Cisco Zurich Office

A Girls Group from ZHAW visited the office in Zurich to learn about Cisco as a company, the technologies and learn from first hand testimony how it is to work in the IT fields as a woman.

The program included a session about how to build a video end point with Markus Bina, a tour through the Cisco office, a live TelePresence Session with Munich and Oslo (English practice lesson included), a snack after all this work and experimenting time in the Green Room where the girls could record their own video message from their class mates, teacher or friends.

As it is shown on the photos the girls did enjoy playing with technology and showed real professionalism speaking freely in the recordings. The shared their views on the experiences of the day and conducted an interview Noemi Thum and Meg Rainbow about learning in school and how to decide your future profession.

Thanks a lot to to Andreas Moser for his initiative and leadership in regard to getting new talent on board to join the IT world and everybody who helped making this possible.

Detailprogramm Girls’ Days (PDF, 284 KB)
Telepresence heute (SoE) @ Cisco
In diesem Projekt baust du mit einer Ingenieurin von Cisco einen Video Endpunkt auf, nutzt diesen für eine Kontaktaufnahme mit dem Democenter in München und nimmst eine Message für Freunde und Bekannte im Green Room auf. So erlebst du hautnah was heute mit Telepresence alles möglich ist und kannst deine Fragen direkt mit Fachfrauen besprechen.

Girls’Day in Berlin – 25. April 2013

Cisco and Telekom trainees working together for a successful future of the girls

For the sixth time in a row female students of the “Integrierten Sekundarschule Wolfgang Borchert“ school  from Berlin-Spandau came to the Cisco Office in Berlin to find out more about jobs and the work environment in the IT sector.  The Girls’ Day at Cisco started with a TelePresence Demo which was very interesting for the girls – everyone knows about Skype – but the girls directly wanted to know how much it would cost to have such a technology at home…

Carsten Johnson, who organized the Girls’ Day, welcomed the visitors. Before that they had a tour through a server room led by Thomas Gerneth.  Director transformational and Enterprise Accounts and also the father of two girls, Uwe Peter presented the company and explained the importance of that day and their future career choice to the girls. Afterwards Evelyn Feldhoff, Account Manager, demonstrated how the Internet works. This started with a little movie

Finally the girls had various workshops with trainees of Deutsche Telekom discussing subjects as “security in the Internet” or “cyber-bullying”.  Taking apart computers and putting them back together as well as practicing job interviews concluded the day.

Girls'Day 2013 Berlin     Girls'Day 2013 Berlin Girls’Day 2013 in Berlin

The students enjoyed their day and showed their interest to sign up for internships at Cisco and Deutsche Telekom.
The Girls’ Day was a lot of fun this year and we’re looking forward to the next year.

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