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The Cisco Networking Academy Program is an education initiative that offers teaching and learning material for Information and Communication Technologies [ICT] knowledge areas through a Public-Private-Partnership model.

The Program offers participating schools, universities of applied science, universities and non-profit educational organizations a learning management system with teaching & learning resources for their self controlled modular use at no costs.

Following knowledge areas are included

  • Teaching & learning resources in several languages, online assessment and practical training scenarios
  • Interactive guides and professional development for educators
  • Support Community for educators & learners
  • Career portal for learners and alumni
  • Competitions and events

Cisco Paket Tracer
All Networking Academy Partners have the license to use the Cisco Packet Tracer simulation program for all users.

Academy Discount Program
All Networking Academy Partners receive discounts on Cisco equipment for their training labs.

Certificate of completion and discount for the Industry Certificate
Every participant receives a personalized certificate of completion after each course with their competencies listed. Every participant has the option to receive a voucher for the industry certification exam when completing the course end assessment at a level of at least 75%.

With this the Cisco Networking Academy Alumni are independent of their national education system and have a certificate that is valid and recognized on a global basis. For IT talents who aim to work in other than their native country, this is a huge and very welcome advantage certifying their skills for potential employers in a standardized manner.

We strongly recommend educators & learners to use the chapter and final tests for learner self-assessment evaluating their own work and learning progress.


From using one or several modules to the integration of the entire course into the syllabus of a study program

The course content is available in a modular way so that a broad use of the materials in diverse educational settings becomes possible. There are no minimum requirements.

Following integration scenarios are being implemented by our partners:

  • Full integrated of a course into the syllabus
    A higher education organization or a university with IT as a study focus uses the entire CCNA / CCNP curricula to prepare their students for a career in Networking Technology and System Administration. The graduates are IT experts and in great demand from businesses in the region and internationally. The industry certification is included in the program.
  • Use of individual modules
    Different types of educational organizations use parts of our course materials based on the requirement of the syllabus and their available time frame (that continuously decreases). The industry certification is only an option for those who develop a deeper interest for the topic and decide to choose this path.  The graduates are IT systems technicians and their career path lead them into diverse industrial contexts.
  • Elective or optional subject
    Dedicated educators offer topics like Networking Technology as well as Linux, Cloud, Security or Voice as optional subjects for interested students. The topics are not directly related in their study focus or the type of educational organization. The motivation is rooted in the development that IT grows into a raising number of areas in our lives. Their goal is to receive an sound basis as an orientation into the world of ICT, the industry certification is not their target. Many participants later decide to choose a study in or related to the field.

Whatever your teaching environment, organization type or situation maybe, we cordially invite you to become part of our Networking Academy Community and use the available resources and materials to benefit as many learners as possible.


To become a Networking Academy use the “Become an Academy” Button. In case you have any questions or issues, do not hesitate to contact us via Email.




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