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Congratulation to all NetRiders 2015

First NetRiders Winners in a new format

Last week we held the final round of the NetRiders CCNA competition for your region.  This is the competition that awards the two Study Trip Prizes to Cisco HQ the week of 10-16 January, 2016.  This year our Study Trip prize winners will be coming from Czech Republic and Slovakia. Congratulations !!!

1    Marek Suchanek   –   Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Republic
2    Tomas Danis   –   SPŠ elektrotechnická S.A. Jedlika Nové Zámky, Slovakia
3    Nicola Buono   –   Accademia del Levante, Italy
4    Metodi Panayotov   –   Bulgarian Industrial Association-Union of the Bulgarian Business, Bulgaria
5    Corneliu Moglan   –   Telekom Foundation, Romania

Check out the full results on the NetRiders website.

As you know, we made some changes this year.  We moved to a regional competition instead of individual country competitions and we changed the structure to Round 3 (which would have been the equivalent of the International NetRiders in past years).  The twenty Round 3 competitors took a 60 minute, 100 question exam and also were sent a PT file with two challenges that they had to present on during a 15 minute WebEx session and then answer some questions from the judges.

I would like to thank judges Bob Schoenherr and Eugene Morozov who spent an entire day to judge the 20 WebEx sessions. This session tested both technical and soft skills.  Europe, Russian Federation and CIS was the second region to try this new format and we were pleased with all the Round 3 competitors and their efforts.

A huge thank you to all participants for their efforts and time investment!
Congratulations to the winners!

Until next year

Tracy Granlund


I am missing photos of our participants which we used to have with our prior NetRiders format when our participants were asked to come to specific locations, so I decided to post a photo of Tracy instead. She is the power behind the NetRiders competitions. Thank you Tracy for all the energy and time you invest every year!


NetRiders Wall of Fame



NetRiders 2015 – in a new format

This year Cisco Networking Academy is running competitions in 7 regions  – all participating countries in the region register and then compete during the same dates in 2015:
Netriders Schedule2015

The majority of the questions at all three levels deal with technical skills but there will be some questions about Internet of Everything (IoE) and soft skills.

  • CCNA – geared toward CCNA certifications and open to students currently enrolled in or recently completed the 3rd or 4th CCNA course
  • CCENT – geared toward CCENT certifications and open to students currently enrolled in or recently completed the 1st or 2nd CCNA course
  • IT Essentials – geared toward the IT Essentials course and open to students currently enrolled in or recently completed the IT Essentials course

Competitors can register for one NetRiders competition during the open registration period and self-select the competition they choose to participate in based on eligibility requirements.

Get all details and go to registration

Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders IT skills competitions are a great opportunity for students and alumni to showcase their networking abilities, learn valuable new IT skills, and gain visibility among talent recruiters in the growing ICT and networking field.

Good Luck !!!


All Articles about NetRiders

The value of competitions


NetRider representing Austria @WorldSkills in Sao Paulo 2015

BIM in Salzburg from 20. to 23. November 2014

On this fair visitors could learn about different professions by practically seeing what a certain profession stands for, what activities and task it comprises and what educational path you need to choose to become just that.

At the same time the National Competition in 15 professions were taking place and visitors could see young talents competing about who is the best of Austria. One of the professions was IT Network and Systems Administrator (Trade39). And this was our question:

Who is going to represent Austria at the WorldSkills 2015 in Sao Paulo?


  1. Johannes Pinger, HTL Rennweg
  2. David Rieger, FH St.Pölten
  3. Philipp Adam, HTL Rennweg
  4. Florian Hermann, HTL Ungargasse

  15842156916_acbe3cb466_z  15827373146_b2b993b2f8_z

We congratulate all participants for their exceptional performance and motivation and Johannes Pinger from HTL Rennweg as the winner. It was an honor for me to personally meet you all. Again. I actually just meet Johannes on October 26 where he participated in the Cisco NetRiders competition.

Pb221851_kleinFor Johannes it is a start into an intense time of preparing for competing against the Nations best. A scary thing … that we will master. All of our support is yours, Johannes!




The Spirit of Skills Competitions

Everyone who has ever visited a skills competition knows that this is something special – it is like a virus.
A virus that should spread!

A two people team was able to organize that 15 professions had their National competitions at BIM, last year it was 8.  Extraordinary help is needed to be able to accomplish this:

  • 15 apprentices from ÖBB on duty for the Skills team
  • 2 teams of each 8 people from the Vocational School for carpenters in Wals were responsible for wooden construction of booths and installations needed
  • machines and material from numerous sponsors (Würth, Siemens, Emco, Cisco … )
  • exhibition ground funded by the Chamber of Commerce Salzburg
  • and many more hands …

It was possible to welcome 3 teams consisting of the contestant and the accompanying expert from Finland, Germany and Lichtenstein who used the competition as their training event. Cool !

And after the event everybody – contestants and experts – work together to pack everything and leave the place as empty as it was before.  Thank you to all contributors to make this learning experience available for so many people.

A real joint effort !


More impressions at www.skillsaustria.at

Cisco at WorldSkills 2013


Congratulation to all NetRiders


I hope that all of the NetRiders have such smiling faces as my Austrian NetRiders from HTL Rennweg in Vienna.

We hope you are proud of your success as you all did well under pressure showing your CCNA skills. Congratulations on a job well done representing your country! You are all winners and have joined the global community of NetRiders!

Thank you for your investment of time and your engagement going beyond.

Here are the results

For those of you who want to see more impressions from the competition day on 16 October 2014 we posted photos in an album on our Cisco Networking Academy Facebook page.

See you next year !


Competitions are key

#skillsbern2014 #ictskillsch #NetAcad

What is the essence of competitions and how does it help learners?

Thanks to our guest author Bob Schoenherr


Competitions enable students to use their critical thinking skills to a much high level than in a normal classroom environment.  A competition is a way to introduce students to real stress that they may face in their future careers.  How we harness that stress and use it to our advantage is a true critical thinker.

Competitions help to narrow the scope of the critical thinking. What I mean is that when someone is learning critical thinking skills they need to eliminate distractions that will keep them from putting all their ideas together.

NetRiders is an excellent example of eliminating distractions because the competition is based on a known theme, CCNA networking. This allows the student to prepare for the competition with a known range of skills and ideas.  Once you confident in these ideas you are ready to test them in a way that is more challenging than just an exam or lab assignment.

In a competition you are comparing your ability to use what concepts have been learned during a discovery based evaluation of your skills that includes critical thinking.  When you know the answer immediately it motivates you to continue in the competition and builds your confidence.  When you struggle with an answer is when you really learn more about your ability to piece items together, this starts the critical thinking cycle.

Those that perform best in a competition don’t know all the answers but can use their thinking process to get the best answer for what they know and are confident that the answer will be correct.

Visit us at the Swiss Skills 2014 in Bern!

Berufswahl klarlogo-ict-berufsbildung 01-NetAcad Lockup-STANDARD-PRINT-PurpleBlue.jpg 10Oct12

Penguins and Networking Technology

pinguinsIf I speak about penguins in our context, most of you will automatically think about the small penguin that is in the Linux Logo.  As networking expert and Networking Academy participant you will be happy to know that the NDG Linux Essentials are now available for you on NetSpace.

But today I am speaking about the real penguins that live in Antarctica. I love penguins, the real ones. They fascinate me. Their social competences impress me.

When it is cold – down to minus 45 degrees Celsius – thousands of them stand really close together and form one body. The penguins on the outer border are being replaced by penguins coming from the middle. They take turns and collaborate in the true sense of the word to protect each other from the cold so that the group can survive. Beautiful!

This one behavior alone transferred into the human world, into an ecosystem, a community or a company would give us a different perspective that would change our ways of doing things in a way which we can actually not yet imagine.

Yes, but what does all this have to do with Networking Technology?

Dirk Zimmermann works at the University of Wismar, Faculty for Engineering Science – Department for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is a Cisco Networking Academy Instructor and one of the most experienced Instructor Trainer in Germany. He took a one year sabbatical to spend the winter at the Neumayer Station in Antarctica.

Yes, I am serious. He is the Networking Administrator in Antarctica. He is an immediate neighbor of the penguins.
Cool ! In the real sense of the word.

Dirk is sending a message to the Networking Academy Community, especially to all who are in the process of preparing for NetRiders.


Because of this really cool place to work I was able to tell you something about penguins today. If someone has not yet seen the movie  – March of the Penguins – I would warmly recommend it to you.


NetRiders 2014

NDG Linux Essentials

International NetRiders coming soon

The International NetRiders competition is coming soon. Get  ready for Thursday, 16 October 2014


Following participants have qualified for the international round of the competition and will take part in Europe:


Johannes Pinger, Florian Koehler, Alexander Krump – HTL Wien 3 Rennweg

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Damir Imamovic, Dino Begic, Aid Feukić – Faculty of Electrical Engineering Tuzla

Filip Lerinc, Vladimir Kosanovic – Algebra
Vinko Vorih – Technical school Rudjer Boskovic Zagreb


Vasily Babenko, Vladislav Sharapov, Olga Skobeleva – Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences
Ismael Castiñeira Álvarez – Turku University of Applied Sciences


Marc Schugardt – OSZ Informations- und Medizintechnik
Sascha Volter – Andreas-Gordon-Schule
Adrian Janczyk – Multi-Media Berufsbildende Schulen Hannover
Jenny Meuer – ATIW gGmbH Berufskolleg


Mathias By, Magnus Wahrnberg, Gus Johansson – University West


Manuel Fluri, Gerhard Stöckli – FH Nordwestschweiz
Johan Tournier, Delia Sciretta – HEG-Geneve


This year the participants come from more than 50 countries and will compete from 8 time zones.

We recommend to use the current version of the CCNA R&S course materials as well as Packet Tracer 6.1. Bring your laptop and make sure that you have the current Packet Tracer Version 6.1. installed.

We wish all competitors a good preparation time full of motivation – watch the video message from Dirk  – do not forget to turn on the English subtitles.

Good Luck!

The Cisco Networking Academy Team

Last night before the trip of a lifetime

BerndThis is Bernd. Bernd Überbacher —>>>>
In the second when the photo was taken, he just heard that he won. He won the International NetRiders 2013 for his region. We are very proud that the Tyrolean Cisco Networking Academy Student from HTL Innsbruck won the  Study Trip to Silicon Valley.


He is one of 19 NetAcad Students from 15 different countries. In the competition 10.000 students from more than 97 countries took part. I have to say this again and again: My respect !!!

Now he will be packing his suitcase because tomorrow morning, he is on his way. From Innsbruck to Frankfurt and then to San Francisco. Next week he will visit Silicon Valley and Cisco Headquarters.

After a full program he will know what you can eat at the Banana Leaf, if the Google Campus is really as described, meet the people who are developing the Packet Tracer and if Pier 39 is a better attraction than the Cisco Campus. This trip will bring insights for his professional career and the chance to meet interesting people.

Bernd will let us know how he is doing in Silicon Valley himself.

T o   b e   c o n t i n u e d …


International Networking Champions Descend on Silicon Valley

NetRiders 2013 – Tirol Power

Winner of the Study Trip to the Cisco Headquarters in California is Bernd Überbacher from Tirol

On 24.9.2013 this year’s International NetRiders competition took place. What is NetRiders? It is the Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders online competition testing Networking skills of NetAcad stuents. It takes place one a year allowing the 4 best talents of a country to participate. The worldwide best 19 talents are invited to a study trip to the Cisco Headquarters in California, they will meet management and our CEO!.

This time the national NetRiders Winners Amir Sacic and Irene Hiess from HTL BHAK Wien Ungargasse, Felix Zopf from HTL Rennweg and Bernd Überbacher from HTL Innsbruck were admitted to compete for Austria.

NetRiders2013 Netriders2013

We congratulate all of you for your performance– it is not easy to get your name under the first ranks on the results list among 57 countries and 172 participants taking part. Especially happy we feel for Bernd, who will travel to the USA in January 2014 , we are hoping for daily reports to us in Austria.

During the visit at the Cisco Office in Vienna they also had the opportunity to talk to sales team members:

mit Sabine M. Fischer, Mikel Gindy, Andrea HeinPetr Duvidovic told us about his work and why Cisco certifications are so important for the Cisco Partner world. Thomas Jirges explained how he can be a key account manager for Cisco services as a non-technical person. Mikel Gindy, alumni of the CSAP program, confirmed that international competitions are of great value for later in professional life at your future job.

The next national NetRiders competitions will take place in Mid May 2014 in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Note this in your calender and take part next year!
If you are in another country do a cross check for the appropriate date.





TeilnehmerInnenstatistik 2013 International NetRiders

Participants Statistic International NetRiders

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