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The last days before the NetAcad Hackathon in Berlin

#CLEur #CLHackathon #netacad

Logbook: These are the last days before the NetAcad Hackathon from 15. – 17.2.2016 at OSZ IMT in Berlin

See the world as it can be …  rather than as it is.

This is how you can describe the a Hackathon:

A group of young talents from OSZ IMT, G18 Hamburg and MMBbS Hannover decided to spend 3 days together to think about ideas and solutions, usually for a certain purposes, using their IT skills and competencies to create, shape, design and prototype solutions.


Guided by experts from diverse disciplines following stations are ahead

  • Inspiration – brainstorming social challenges, identifying issues to solve
  • Ideation – understanding the problem to address, modelling ideas in teams
  • Consolidation – deep dive on the proposed solution with expert checkpoints
  • Prototyping – implement, tinker, adapt

It is great to part of the process when a group of people with an open mind take on this journey with all its highs and lows. These will be 3 days you will never forget … the results are always amazing.

The ideas will be presented – pitched – in front of more than 700 people, the visitors at the Cisco Live Academy Day on the 18.2.2016 at the CityCube Berlin.

We are looking forward to the starting signal !


Inspiration needed?
IoE Creathon Riga – parallel to the “eSkills for Jobs” Conference
Hackathon Milan – @ Cisco Live Milan
OSZ IMT logo

To be continued  …

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Inspirational visit to Cisco Dublin for Students from Denmark

Guest Author: Susanne Holmstedt

Visit to Cisco Dublin by students from SDE Denmark

dk_Cisco4_kl dk_Cisco2_kl

The group of 22 students and three teachers visited Cisco on 7 May 2015 as a part of an excursion to Dublin to experience both work-related and cultural subjects. This visit was very interesting with a content that everybody, both students and teachers, experienced as educational and informative.

We were welcomed by Tom Long, who gave us a thorough description of the many, varied activities that Cisco is involved in. Tom told us about the development of IT, both with a historical perspective and about IT at the present and in the future. Tom involved the students in an active and constructive discussion where they were encouraged to offer their own views on the various elements. He asked the students about the type of education they were doing, and he elaborated on the qualifications that Cisco would expect from them if they applied for a job.

We had an exciting demonstration of the advanced online conference system that is employed by Cisco where dedicated employees in both Oslo, London and Galway managed to include our students in the demonstration and at the same time, answered their questions. In the first part of the demonstration we learned about some of the many possibilities that are found in such a system. We saw how such a system could detect who was talking, and how it was able to change focus through speech and facial recognition. We also had a demonstration of 3D graphics. A very informative and educational demonstration!

Tom also talked about The Internet of Things as an important element in the future of IT. At this moment it is not only computers and smartphones that can access the internet. The Intelligent City is expected to be integral to The Internet of Things. We were included in a video conference with Cisco in Galway where the development of the Intelligent City is an important task. We had a comprehensive idea of the possibilities and the technology that could be a part of IT in the future. The conference showed examples of both the hardware and the software that are necessary to collect, adapt and present data in connection with the Intelligent City. Also in this case, our students were invited to participate in a discussion with the Cisco employee in Galway and were able to present their points of view and ideas on the subjects for discussion.

We would like to express our thanks to all the staff members at Cisco that gave us their time and made this a unique experience for us as guests. We are very grateful for their kindness, and all of us will definitely remember this visit as inspirational.

We would especially like to thank Tom Long for his courtesy and ability to engage the students in an active discussion on IT-related subjects.

Thank you from all of us from SDE in Denmark


Syddansk Erhvervsskole Odense-Vejle


Two computer science classes from Sweden visiting Cisco HQ in San Jose

New Talents meeting Employers in Cisco Stockholm Office

HTL Villach visiting Cisco Office Vienna [in German]

Fear the invisible

Written by: Ashraf Hamadi
Studying IT in Thorildsplans Gymnasium Stockholm, Sweden

moos+stein2Its remarkable today what kind of power you have just under your fingertips. I discovered this in an early stage. As a young boy I was fascinated about how one could gain access to another one’s computer and remotely use it. That discovery opened my eyes to the real definition of the internet. The features on the internet that are visible for us are just a diminutive part I thought. Opening a webpage or calling your loved one on skype are example of those “visible” things, the things that you deliberately do. But the internet is far greater than that.

Right now there are more than 3.0 Billion people connected to each other through the Internet. This means that more than 35% of the world’s population can go out on the internet, share knowledge, learn new stuff and spend some free time, but just as the internet has opened the world for each and every one of us, it has also opened up each and every one of us to the world. That means that the price for us to pay for us to stay connected is our privacy. I discovered that recently when I was asked to work on a 100 hour high school assignment which is meant to be a proof that the student is prepared for higher education or for work in a specific occupation.

What frightened me was the thought that we are constantly leaving our names, our birthdays and even our credit card information out on the internet, whether it’s regarding Facebook, PayPal or eBay. Seeing all this gave me a thought. I thought that the people should be warned, they should be feared of leaving such information in a wide and invisible place. So I thought that the best way to demonstrate it, is by creating a Trojan virus and infecting a PC to prove that without any hacking knowledge and limited programing knowledge you can steal private information without being noticed.

This resulted in me a 18 year old IT student learning python and creating a python program that could record your keystrokes and take pictures of your screen and invisibly send all the logs to a webserver accessed by only me. I was shocked to what I had accomplished and how easy it was to find all the research necessary. Therefore I feel its my obligation to in the best way I can, spread the word, and spread the truth that the invisible must be feared, because it gathering information about you and someday that information can be used against you.


You want to hear more from Ashraf Hamadi?

Come and meet him at The Nordics & Baltics NETACAD CONFERENCE 2015

taking place at the Thorildsplans Gymnasium Assembly Hall on 28th and 29th of May 2015



We did it again!

Datum: 2014-03-21
Tid: 09.00 – 15.00
Plats: Sal Omega, Mälardalens högskola Vasteras

Network Challenge 2Thorildsplans gymnasium CA won Network Challenge for the third time. This year Grillska gymnasiet succeeded to take second place. Our two teams came home with gold and bronze medal. Christopher Maxwell TE12D and Nhan Sundstrom TE13D won the gold and Gustav Young TE12E and Axel Kennedal TE12E won bronze.

After the first race both of our teams were first with a score of 100 points each. Grillska gymnasium best team had 80 points.

In the second round Grillska managed to win over our second team.

Network Challenge is a competition in network technology held by Mälardalen University. Participants come from Cisco Networking Academies connected to Malardalen University ASC. The competition is held once a year.

The competition

The first part consisted of participants configuring routers and switches. The task was to do basic configuration and routing protocols.

In the second part, it was troubleshooting. The teams were given a pre-configured networks with multiple errors.

Network Challenge3   Network Challenge4   Network Challenge5

Reported by: Bo Lindborg, Thorildsplans gymnasium

I have so much to tell you …

We are two computer science classes from Sweden in our last year of school before university. For many of us this is the first time in the USA and we are really excited about it …

Check out the #ThorildsUSA on Instagram to see more photos!

Our Blog article about Visiting Cisco HQ

Comments from students:

Ø “I really like the iRobot. I have never seen anything like it. This shows how innovative this company really is.”

Ø “It was amazing to see the mega self-built network. The cable arrangement was amazing and organized.”

Ø “I enjoyed the visit and it inspired me. Visiting the Data Center confirmed this is something I really want to do and work with.”

Directions and warning for other educational organizations:
The aftermath of trips to Cisco Campus can be inspiring 

20150313_124255 20150313_094651

Thorildsplans Gymnasium at Cisco HQ
March 13, 2015
31 (7 instructors and 24 students)

This Cisco Networking Academy (ASC and ITC as well) joined Cisco Networking Academy Program in 2000. Most of the students on this field trip are currently enrolled in either CCNA, ITE or IoE course. The professors aim to increase students’ exposures and understanding of Cisco’s technology to inspire them to further their study in networking and IT.

Bosse Lindborg:

The Cisco Campus was taking care of us very well. All of us were invited and the arrangement was fantastic. We were divided into three groups to see different parts of campus. Afterwards we were invited to a nice lunch.

Thanks to everyone who has made this visit to the Cisco campus possible and so impressive.

Sandy Do, Raquel Aguilar, Eric Chu, Joseph O’Donnell, Hai-Wei Chen, Joe Klimkiewicz, Nicholas Choy, Karen Alderson
Managment Support: Karol Kniewald, Kyle Thornton 


Blog about the visit

Thorildsplans Gymnasium in Stockholm

Crossing Borders at Thorildsplans Gymnasium

You can change the world – Join us !

Russian IoE creathon ot idei k realnosti

Latvian IoE creathon no idejas lidz realitatei


We are going through one of the most incredible times for technology and innovation in History!

Experts predict that the emerging technologies of the Internet Of Everything (IoE) “will have five to 10 times more impact than the whole Internet revolution has been”. [J.C. Chamber, Cisco CEO]

How will you use it to have a positive impact on society?

To learn more about the IoE we invite you to join our online course introducing the IoE and to attend two live training sessions prior the IoE Creathon!

Are you ready for this big opportunity?

Join us for the first IoE Creathon for Social Good organized on March 12th & 13th 2015 by Cisco in collaboration with LIKTA, Riga Technical University and MakeSense, organized in parallel to the eSkills Conference.

What’s for the winners?

If your team is selected by the jury you will win a trip to Germany and go through a special visit of openBerlin IoE Innovation Center. You will also have the chance to present your business idea during the eSkills for Jobs high-level Conference before an audience of Government representatives, non-profit and business leaders.

There are always more steps to take … build on this experience, live your dream and start your own business!

The number of participants is limited, register now!

Happy to answer your question? Reach me at jjerlich(at)cisco.com


Read about the Hackathon Experience

Why every developer should attend a hackathon?


Young Women’s Innovation Challenge

IoT challenge 2

A proven pathway to more innovative results and better solutions is

  • to gather ideas from a diverse group of people
  • get feedback from other disciplines and
  • ask the future users.

The Internet of Things will be changing the way we do things in everyday life.  This is why the IoT World Forum decided to start the Young Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge.

The Grand Challenge is a global innovation challenge open to young women between the ages of 13-18. The aim of the challenge is to recognize, promote, and reward young innovators as they come up with new uses for Internet of Things technologies.


IoT-Sig-v3-1 (2)

Round 1 Submissions Due: March 25th 2015

Round 2 Submissions Due: May 11th 2015


Teaching others makes you learn

Veronika Klauzova’s studies at the Technical University of Košice in the Slovak Republic helped inspire her to become an academy instructor on her path to a technical career.

TU Kosice

Interested in why and how women get into Engineering I just came across the story of Veronika Klauzova, a student from the Technical  University of Košice who also teaches as an instructor, teaching Cisco CCNA courses at the same academy where she studies. 

“The students are always asking questions, which I’m not prepared for, so it makes me solve things on the fly. It is a bit time consuming, but worth it.”

She says that her interest in teaching was sparked when she explained her studies to friends. That interest grew further when she partnered with a group of like-minded students to pursue a self-taught Cisco CCNP course. Throughout the course, each student in the group taught a section of the curriculum to the rest of the group.

Throughout all my accepted roles and self chosen tasks and projects it was always beneficial for me to explain my thought, a concept or a topic to another person and lead to better understanding it myself. When teaching others about something new it is not only the subject you teach but also about the way how you connect it to prior knowledge of the learner so that the new  topics can really be integrated into a mind.

The most important point in supporting other people in their learning is to spark the motivation to learn. You need to ask the WHY question. A liking for a subject area can be detected early on in your childhood, become apparent later in your life or take a long time to emerge.

Klauzova has a passion for technology that leads back to when she was a young girl playing computer games. She and her friends began researching the technology behind multiplayer games and after an introductory course in high school, she knew she wanted to continue her studies with a technical focus.

It is great when people who really like what they do help in spreading the enthusiasm for a topic. It is personal stories like hers that help other young people to find their passion.


Meet people with passion

Girlsday 2014 in Vienna

Cisco Blog Article “Lets hear it for the girls”


This was a new experience: Working side by side with the Pros

Guest Author: Sophie Bauditz

Internship @Cisco – An e-Skills for jobs 2014 Action

We are 11 pupils from two secondary schools in Berlin: the French Gymnasium and the Berlin Metropolitan School. For two weeks we went on an exploration journey into the internet technology. Everybody in our group is using apps every day, is downloading videos and listening to streamed music. During our internship at the global network company Cisco we learned which technology is behind all that.


Many Cisco employees spent a lot of time with us telling their personal professional story or sharing technical insides about the network technology with us. We continued understanding the technical infrastructure by using courses from the Networking Academy learning platform. We even had the chance to speak with real customers and to participate in the development of marketing material. This was a new experience: Working side by side with the pros. It was surprising how many different functions such an IT company has to offer: Sales, Marketing, corporate social responsibility and of course system engineering. A global IT company is not a place for techies only. But using all communication and collaboration solutions is essential.

Fascinating for me were the perspectives on the Internet of Everything – or IoE as they say and the non-profit partnership with schools and universities: the Cisco Networking Academy. We have learnt and experienced a lot in only two weeks. Our host during the internship, Carsten Johnson, has discussed with us career opportunities in the IT sector and we know now that there is a skills gap. Or in my perspective: Empty seats to fill in the IT industry. An IT-company as an employer? Sure one of the most thrilling options.

DSC_0131 DSC_0138

As an intern I had the chance to make this great experience. E-Skills for Jobs is a good initiative to support young people like myself. Further IT-companies should participate.

eSkills_logo Grand-Coalition-blue-background

Reporting from Wings for Life World Run

@CiscoNetAcad at Wingsforlifeworldrun #worldrun

Netacad Team_kl

Please follow our technical briefings and insights on networkingakademien.wordpress.com

Initiator and Lead
Jutta Jerlich

NetAcad Team OnSite @ WorldRun
Maximilian Lehrbaum
Felix Hartung
Ivica Vugrinec
Nathan Arthur Boone
Kevin Anthony Van Ryckegem

Running Reporter
Christoph Malin, Austria

Global Reporters
Laura Stoica, Romania
Borja Pineiro, Spain
Edgar Rupare, United Kingdom
Rahul Goyal, India
Raghava Krishna Teja Chintalapati, India
Arun Ganesh, India

Juan Carlos Soto Sosa – he is an instructor from Chile and WorldSkills expert who involved his entire class:

Ernesto Lantigua De La Cruz
Mariela Bussi Pimentel
Félix José Méndez Alvarez
jordanny rosario santana
Carlos Juan Shephard Guerrero
Bian Polanco
Ariel Feliz
Yanira Mendez
Nilson Misiel Perez Rosa
Noemi Guzman Garcia
Felix Joel Ubiera Ruiz
Daris Jose De Jesus
Nathan Raul Almonte Romero
Julio Anderson Coplin Nunez
Ricardo Alexander de la Rosa
Frank de Jesus Portorreal
Jose David Guzman Catala
Joel Ruiz
Jesus Manuel Betances Espinal
Marcos Valenzuela

Thanks for all of your effort, teaming up with us, making the technical challenges of Wings for Life World Run a topic to think about.

Just IMAGINE what else we can do together on Wings for Life World Run on May 3rd 2015 !

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